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Tag Results for "Latino Vote 2012"

LATINO DECISIONS:  Obama Wins Record-Breaking 75% of Latino Vote

Latino support for President Obama was huge, with a record-breaking 75% of Latino voters nationwide (see below) casting their ballot for the President- the previous high for Latino voters was the 72% for Bill Clinton in 1996. continue reading »

How Latino Voters Annihilated Romney and the Republicans

It is hard to overstate the influence of Latino voters in shaping the results of the 2012 elections. They played a critical role in re-electing President Obama and in saving the Democratic majority in the Senate, again. And immigration clearly was one if the main issues that produced unprecedented Latino turnout levels and historic levels of support for Democratic candidates. continue reading »

¡Si, Se Puede!  Obama Wins Electoral and Popular Vote for Second Term

Democrat Barack Obama pledged after winning a second term as president that the "best is yet to come" for the United States. continue reading »

ELECTION TODAY:  Ricky Martin Joins Michelle Obama on Campaign Trail in Florida

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin joined Barack Obama's reelection campaign and stood beside first lady Michelle Obama at a rally in Orlando, Florida, on the eve of America's closest presidential elections in recent times. continue reading »

A Message from MALDEF on Election Day

In key states, Latino voters are confronted with illegal voting barriers that threaten their ability to cast ballots on Election Day. The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) is fighting to ensure that Latinos continue reading »

ELECTION:  Hispanic Voters in ARizona Energized Around Anti-Immigrant Laws

The approval of harsh laws like SB 1070 against undocumented immigration in Arizona has served as an engine to increase voter registration and the mobilization of the vote among Hispanics. continue reading »

On Election Day Latinos Need to Make History with Record Voter Turnout

I am urging everyone I know to get off their Laz-y Boys and go out and vote tomorrow. No excuses- not even from all my aunts whose backsides resemble their sofas and think they can vote by yelling at Fox TV – this is a historic vote. continue reading »

Final Latino Decisions Poll:  If Latino Voter Turnout High, Obama Will Carry 4 Key States

ImpreMedia & Latino Decisions today released the last in a series of 11 weekly tracking polls with results suggesting President Obama is poised to win a record high share of the Latino vote, and in turn likely to win key swing states and enough electoral college votes to retain the presidency. continue reading »

Latino Decisions:  8% of Latinos Have Already Voted, Election Enthusiasm Continues to Increase

The latest impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll shows that Latinos are more enthusiastic and more likely to vote than ten weeks ago when the initial poll was fielded. Forty-five percent of Latino voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012 compared to 2008. That number is up from 37% from ten weeks ago continue reading »

Latin America Drops from the Map: Ignored in Last Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

Last night’s final Presidential debate focusing on foreign policy, covered a lot of geography but on the whole ignored Latin America. continue reading »

Romney Campaign Blames ‘Communication’ Problem for Poor Showing Amongst Latino Voters

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign denied Monday that extremist elements of the GOP have driven away Hispanics and said the only reason he was trailing in that segment was due to a "communication" problem. continue reading »

Latino Decisions Poll:  Latino Voters Highly Engaged in Upcoming Elections

The impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll latest results reveal a high level of interest and engagement by Latino voters in the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. continue reading »

Pew States:  TX Challenges Part of Voting Rights Act

Texas is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate its recently tossed out redistricting map, its attorney general announced on Friday (October 19), likely setting up a case with major implications for the role of minorities in elections nationwide. continue reading »

Check Out Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Other Women Rally to Get Out the Vote for Obama

Check out Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and other women rally to get out the vote for President Barrack Obama. the video titled "Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama." continue reading »

STUDY:  Proposed Voter ID Laws in 23 States Could Deter as Many as 10 Million Hispanics from Voting

A new study by the ‘Advancement Project’ shows that proposed Voter ID Laws in 23 states stand to deprive 10 million U.S. Hispanics from registering and voting. continue reading »

Esteban Colberto Talks Mitt Romney on ‘The Colbert Show’  (VIDEO)

Check out another hilarious video on Mitt Romney and his policies. This video from ‘The Colbert Report’ features host Stephen Colbert interviewing Esteban Colberto about Romney’s problems with the Latino community. continue reading »

CHECK OUT VIDEO:  SNL Spoofs ‘Fox and Friends’ and Romney No Minority is Spared- HILARIOUS

Check out the hilarious video, well it does depend on which side of the political fence you are on, by Saturday Night Live. The “Fox and Friends on Romney Cold Open” continue reading »

Latino Decisions:  Latinas Plan to Vote for Obama by 74% Margin – Don’t Like Anchor Baby Talk

With seven weeks until the election Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s potential gender gap with women faces a new hurdle in the Latino community as reported by impreMedia/Latino Decisions poll. continue reading »

Latino Vote:  USHCC Launches Initiative to Track Spanish Political-Ad Spending

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) announced a new initiative to track and analyze Spanish-language political ad spending in 10 top target states leading up to the November elections. continue reading »

LATINO VOTE: Pennsylvania Judge Refuses to Halt Voter ID Law

A Pennsylvania judge has refused to block the state’s furiously debated voter identification law, smoothing the way for its use during the November election. continue reading »