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Tag Results for "Latino Usa"

GSA Launches Mobile Version of GobiernoUSA.gov

Spanish-speakers now have easy access to popular government programs and services on their mobile devices, where and when they need it. continue reading »

2010 Census Reveals More El Paso Hispanics Identified Themselves as “White”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in El Paso, more Hispanics see themselves as both white and Hispanic. About 84 percent of Hispanics in El Paso County checked the “white” box on their 2010 Census forms, compared to 73 percent on the 2000 Census. continue reading »

(Logan Square) Fire in Residential Building, 2 Without Homes

In Northwest Side Logan Square, a residential building caught on fire and has left two people without a home. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. According to the fire department spokesman Richard Rosado, continue reading »

Andres Cantor celebrates 10 year anniversary at Telemundo

Telemundo Communications Group Inc. announced it was extending Andres Cantor’s multiyear contract as it celebrates the renowned sports icon 10th anniversary with the network. The announcement was made by Jorge Hidalgo, Senior Executive Vice President of Deportes Telemundo. continue reading »

Urban Gardening Classes with Chicago Botanic Gardens

The Chicago Botanic Garden is conducting a number of classes perfect for gardeners who want to learn to about urban farming and growing food in Chicago. continue reading »

SBA Lending Initiatives for Underserved Communities Launch on Feb. 1A

SBA Preferred Lenders can begin approving Small Loan Advantage loans; ‘Mission-focused’ lenders can start applying to participate in Community Advantage continue reading »

Para las Personas Bilingües, Aprender un Tercer Idioma es Más Fácil

Un estudio israelí encontró que los niños de sexto grado que hablaban ruso y hebreo aprendían inglés más fácilmente. A los niños que saben dos idiomas se les hace más fácil aprender un tercero que a aquellos que sólo saben uno, según un estudio reciente. continue reading »

Un Estudio Plantea que Entre Más Trabaja la Madre, Más Pesan sus Hijos

Investigadores señalan que los cambios en los hábitos alimenticios y de sueño podrían explicar la tendencia. Como si las madres trabajadoras no tuvieran ya razones para sentirse culpables continue reading »

U.S. Teenage Birth Rate Resumes Decline

The teenage birth rate declined 8 percent in the United States from 2007 through 2009, reaching a historic low at 39.1 births per 1,000 teens aged 15-19 years. continue reading »

Unemployed Minorities More Likely to Be “99-weekers”

According to a new report from the Congressional Research Service on people called “99ers” – people out of work for more than 99 weeks – those most likely to be in this group are older, married, and members of a minority group. continue reading »

Justice Sotomayor Speaks in Chicago About Disagreements, the Spotlight, and Misconceptions

“People have views of me and expectations of me that are based on stereotypes,” said Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in Chicago this week. The justice spoke at the University of Chicago Law School on Monday about the last year and a half. continue reading »

Who the *bleep* is Roy Castillo? Your New BFF or Facebook Hacker?

“Off to Danao City” read Roy Castillo’s status update, and while we’re guessing a number of people didn’t see it or weren’t “friends” with “him,” those that did see this post on their Facebook homepage were wondering, “Who the f*** is Roy Castillo? continue reading »

Aspiring Marine, Orphan Faces Deportation

On Tuesday, January 18th, friends of Pedro Gutierrez, met at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix to show their support for the DREAMer who is currently facing deportation. continue reading »

Hispanic Population Increases In Rhode Island

According to a portion of the 2010 U.S. Census, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is seeing a sharp rise in its Hispanic population. Titled the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, continue reading »

Julian Posada Reflects on First Four Months with the Fire

Sitting down to talk with Julian Posada, you get the distinct sense that he’s no longer “new”. Having been on the job for nearly four months, that adjective can surely be removed from all lead-ins to the current Chicago Fire President’s title. continue reading »

Manhattan Losing Its Diversity

In the latest census, it was revealed that Manhattan, world famous for being ethnically and racially diverse, now seems to be losing that diversity. continue reading »

11 Tips for a Healthy 2011

New Year's Day has long been a time for reflection on the personal changes we want to make as we look forward to a new year. Health-related goals are popular New Year's resolutions, but you may not know where to begin. continue reading »

Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Not Stop Illegal Immigration

Ending Birthright Citizenship Would Be Unconstitutional, Impractical, Expensive, Complicated and Would Not Stop Illegal Immigration. Anti-immigrant groups and legislators have persisted in their attempts to restrict or repeal birthright citizenship in State Houses and the U.S. Congress. continue reading »

Texas City Wants to Bring in Wealthy Mexican Investors, in Turn Provide Them Investor Visas

The City of McAllen recently announced that wealthy Mexican investors may soon wish to contact the city and apply for U.S. citizenship. The McAllen Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and McAllen City Commission continue reading »

Lucha Libre Fans Will Not See Drug-Trafficking References in Ring

Trying to keep the rampant-running drug war going on in Mexico out of entertainment, the entertainers of Lucha Libre say they have no interest in bringing that kind of thing to the ring. Though not as popular in the U.S. as in Mexico, Lucha Libre, continue reading »