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Tag Results for "Latino Political Commentary"

What Can Latinos Learn from the Tea Party Debate?

Well the first ever Tea Party Republican debate is over and what did the Latino voter and the Latino populace in general learn? As writer Andres Oppenheimer noted, ‘These guys don’t like us’ and I will expound on that and say they don’t like anyone probably not even themselves. continue reading »

Worried About Nations Problems: Pray Like ‘Jesus Did’ Says Presidential Hopeful Gov. Perry (VIDEO)

If you are tired of getting invited to another summer barbeque party then here's is a unique and one-of-a-kind invite. The video invite is to a national day of prayer to pray away the country's problem. We bet you have never received something like that from Evite or in the mail before. And HS-News has the video invitation here for you from Texas Governor Rick Perry. continue reading »

Execution of Mexican Humberto Leal Highlights Texas as ‘Lone’ State & Gov Perry’s Limitations

At 6:21 p, (CST) yesterday Humberto Leal Garcia, Jr. died by lethal injection in a Texas prison for a heinous crime. So who cares about another poor excuse ofr a human being wiped off the earth. But you see, the UN, the White House, the governments of Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Switzerland and Americans in foreign jails, to name a few, cared. continue reading »