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Tag Results for "Latino News"

Puerto Rican Company Charged & Fined for Cover Up of Oil Pollution

Epps Shipping Company, a Liberian corporation doing business out of Carolina, Puerto Rico, was sentenced in federal court for violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) and making false statements to U.S. Coast Guard inspectors, announced Assistant Attorney General Ignacia S. Moreno and United States Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez. continue reading »

Attempted Kidnapping of 6-Yr Old in NM Thwarted by Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon

UPDATE: The good samaritan that probably saved the life of a 6-year old little girl that was snatched from a playground has been identified as Antonio Diaz Chacon. continue reading »

Formerly Conjoined Guatemalan Twins Celebrate 10th Birthday with Mel Gibson

Guatemalan twins Josie and Teresita Cajas who were born conjoined celebrated their 10th birthday with a Hawaiian-themed birthday party and all the people who made everything possible for them. continue reading »

California Latinos Allege “Environmental Racism” and File Suit Against EPA

Several Latino community advocacy organizations in California have joined forces to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for what they are labeling as ‘environmental racism’. These California Latinos, mainly living in low-income areas farming areas, think the EPA is poorly managing three state waste dumps which in turn has negatively affected their health. continue reading »

Striking Out in Phoenix: MLB’s Lack of Respect for Latinos

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently struck out, big time, by stubbornly refusing to relocate the 82nd All-Star Game from Phoenix, Arizona, to another city due to the desert state’s racist immigration law, SB 1070. Although the core of this draconian law remains under a federal court injunction, if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has her way, it can go all the way to the conservative-dominated Supreme Court and set a devastating legal precedent against 50 million Latinos in the U.S.. continue reading »

National Hispanic GOP Group Calls on Herman Cain to Leave Presidential Race

Somos Republicans is a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization that is pro-immigration reform. This organization’s Republican members are calling on Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to withdraw from the presidential race. The call for withdrawal are a result of his approach to immigration and off-the-cuff comments on a border fence that consist of a “moat and alligators”. continue reading »

JOIN IN NOW:  White House Hispanic Policy Conference LIVE - July 11 and July 12th

On Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th, the White House will host a Hispanic Policy Conference, bringing community leaders from across the country together with a broad range of White House and Cabinet officials for an in-depth series of interactive workshops and substantive conversations on the Administration’s efforts as they relate to the Hispanic community. continue reading »

First Ever National Spanish Spelling Bee has a Winner:  Evelyn Juarez With Word ‘Bizantinismo’

The first ever National Spanish Spelling bee crowned a winner over the weekend: 7th grader Evelyn Juarez and ‘bizantinismo’ was the winning word. The 7th grader from New Mexico beat out 10 other finalist with this Spanish word. She beat out the runner up when she successfully spelled the word describing a Paraguayan territory: ‘kanindeyuense’. continue reading »

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Doesn’t Plan on Leaving Office Anytime Soon

With his blasts of Gov. Rick Perry, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has quickly made both friends and enemies. At a recent gathering of Hispanic leaders, Mayor Castro called the immigration agenda of Perry and other like-minded Republicans the most “anti-Latino” in a generation. continue reading »

Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus is Launched on Capital Hill

AJC, together with members of the U.S. House of Representatives, will launch the Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus at an event tonight on Capitol Hill. The establishment of the Latino-Jewish Caucus was strongly supported by AJC’s Latino and Latin America Institute. continue reading »

Chicago Police Release Preliminary Crime Statistics for May

Consistent Reductions Maintained in Violent Crime, Property Crime and Overall Crime. Today, Chicago Police released preliminary monthly crime statistics continue reading »

Hispanics Expected to Account For Majority of Population Increase in the US Over Next 4 Decades

Experts from the Pew Hispanic Center say that Hispanics will account for the majority of the U.S. population's increase over the next four decades, and will need at least a generation or two to reach the same education level. continue reading »

State Owned Uruguayan TV Channel Has Been Operating for 12 Years Without Broadcasting Anything

Melo’s Channel 8 has studios, antennas, cameras, 7 workers and its own building, but hasn’t broadcast a single image in over a decade. continue reading »