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Tag Results for "Latino News"

Man Injured by Landmine at Peruvian-Chile Border

A Peruvian man was wounded when he stepped on a landmine while trying to enter Chile without authorization, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry said. continue reading »

Mexico’s 2013 Apertura Soccer Tourney: Morelia Moves into 1st

Morelia defeated Atlas 2-0 in the sixth week of Mexico's Apertura soccer tourney, consolidating itself in first place with 13 points, one ahead of Veracruz, which battled to a scoreless tie with Queretaro and fell to the No. 2 slot. continue reading »

GOP RESOLUTION:  NO Citizenship, YES 2-Year Work Permits and Militarizing the Border

The Grand Old Party of Republicans had their annual summer planning meeting and passed several policy resolutions including one on immigration reform yesterday. continue reading »

Texas Dog Saves Maya Delarosa From Rattlesnake, Loses Eye

A Texas family has their fearless little dog to thank for saving the lives of two young girls. Martha Rodriguez says her granddaughters, Maya and Guadalupe Delarosa, and her dog were playing outside her rural Hueco Mountain range home continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Cesar Garcia Steals Ambulance After Release from Jail

An Arizona man was taken back to jail mere hours after being released this week. Authorities allege Cesar Garcia, 33, was arrested Sunday morning for having an open beer at a store in Chandler, AZ. continue reading »

Rosalia Mera, Spain’s Richest Woman & Founder of Zara Stores, Dies at 69

Rosalia Mera, co-founder of clothing and retail giant Inditex and Spain's richest woman, died Thursday after suffering a stroke, doctors said. She was continue reading »

Cuba Inaugurates Second Wind Farm of 2013 in Santa Clara

Cuba inaugurated a 5,200-panel solar farm in the central city of Santa Clara this week, the second such facility installed this year on the island, the official press reported Thursday. continue reading »

STUDY: Heavy Coffee Drinking Tied to Shorter Lives for Younger Adults

But experts say research has many limitations. Hold the java and listen up: A new study suggests that people under 55 who drink four or more cups of coff continue reading »

Steve Ramirez & Xu Liu TED Talk: What if We Could Alter Our Memories? (VIDEO)

Can we edit the content of our memories? It’s a sci-fi-tinged question that Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu are asking in their lab at MIT. Essentially, the pair shoot a laser beam into the brain of a living mouse to activate and manipulate its memory. In this unexpectedly amusing talk they share not only how, but -- more importantly -- why they do this. continue reading »

New Mammal Discovered in South America - Meet the Olinguito

The olinguito (oh-lin-GHEE-toe) looks like a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear. It is actually the latest scientifically documented member of the family Procyonidae, which it shares with raccoons, coatis, kinkajous and olingos. continue reading »

Is Facebook Making You Unhappy?

Life satisfaction dropped as use increased among young adults, study found. Despite all the virtual socializing and "liking" involved, using Facebook is actually associated wit continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Performs Oral Sex on Man in Back of Police Van

A woman being transported to a Las Vegas jail in a police van reportedly performed oral sex on a man also in the van. According to accounts from both the corrections officer and another inmate in the back of the van continue reading »

Company Tied to Stomach Bug Outbreak Stops Shipments to U.S.

Salad mix from Mexico has been implicated in Iowa, Nebraska cases; source of other infections is unclear - The Mexican company that distributes a salad mix tied to a U.S. outbreak of cyclospora illnesses said Monday that it was suspending shipments of the product to the United States. continue reading »

SPAIN: Woman Has 13-Pound Baby, a Spanish Record

A woman is reportedly doing well after giving birth to a record-breaking baby in Spain recently. Maxime Marin gave to birth to a 13-pound baby on Wednesday in Alicante, Spain, and surprisingly did so with no continue reading »

BRAZIL: Plane Crash During Air Force Demonstration Kills Two

Two members of the Brazilian air force's flight demonstration squadron died Monday when their airplane crashed on a training mission, the military said. continue reading »

Boys and Girls May Have Different Obesity Risk Factors

Playing team sports, even drinking milk affected kids differently in study. While some behaviors increase the risk of obesity for both boys and girls, continue reading »

What Happens When You Don’t Honor Peru’s Flag?

Ruth Flores displayed her Peruvian flag at her Lima home with pride during the month of July. But there's a catch: for at least part of that time, she had to. That's because a Peruvian law, instituted in 1939, requires all establishments, continue reading »

BRAZIL: Many Protest Disappearance of Laborer Amarildo Souza

Hundreds of Brazilians once again turned out on Sunday to protest the disappearance of laborer Amarildo Souza, about whom no word has emerged since he was arrested by police in Rio de Janeiro on July 14. continue reading »

Salmonella Outbreak: 307 Sick in 37 States

More than 300 people in 37 states have been sickened to date in a major multistate outbreak of salmonella infection linked to baby poultry, U.S. government health officials reported Friday. continue reading »

Barça Midfielder Cesc Fabregas: I’ve Never Thought About Leaving

Spanish international Cesc Fabregas said Thursday that his plan has always been to remain with FC Barcelona, ending speculation about a possible move. continue reading »