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Tag Results for "Latino News "

Latino Taskforce on Jobs & Small Businesses Address Capital Hill

This week, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) convened its Broadband En Accion Taskforce in Washington, for a two-day series of meetings on Capitol Hill, continue reading »

Foundation-giving to Latino Community Stuck at Mere 1 Percent for Decades- Now 16% of Pop

Just when I was beginning to have some hope that philanthropy was getting better at meeting the needs of communities who have been underserved or marginalized in some way, a preview of a new report hit me like a slap in the face. continue reading »

World’s Largest Megavirus Found in Chilean Coasts

The “Megavirus chilensis,” is between 10 and 20 times bigger than the largest Megavirus ever documented, was found in Chile’s Pacific Ocean. continue reading »

OPINION:  Latino Group Weighs in on Univision Boycott by Republican Candidates

Republican Presidential candidates are committing political suicide with Latino voters in the entire southwest. Former two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson seems to be the only candidate continue reading »

Government Sues Hampton Inn for Firing White Workers, Preferring Hispanic Labor

A lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleges a Hampton Inn franchise in Colorado discriminated against white workers by firing them preferring Hispanic workers they deemed worked harder. continue reading »

Latino Business Summit Hosted Today by Key Senators to Increase Access to Capital

Today, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chair of the Democratic Hispanic Task Force, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), Chair of the Senate Democratic Steering continue reading »

“Capulina “(85) Passes Away in Mexico City- Enjoy Video of His Comedy

A spokesman for Mexico's National Actors Association says comic actor Gaspar Henaine Perez “Capulina” died at a Mexico City hospital. The cause of death hasn't been released. Henaine Perez had suffered pneumonia and ulcers. continue reading »

Latino Children Are Living in Poverty More than Any Other Racial or Ethnic Group

The spread of poverty across the United States that began at the onset of the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and accelerated last year hit one fast-growing demographic group especially hard: Latino children. continue reading »

Get Ready to Participate in Hispanic Roundtable Hosted by President Obama

Today, at 11:25 a.m. EDT, President Obama will participate in an Open for Questions roundtable with Yahoo!, MSN Latino, AOL Latino and HuffPost Latino Voices live from the White House. continue reading »

EEOC Charges Bass Pro with Discriminating Against Latino Applicants Preferring White Applicants

Bass Pro, a nationwide retailer of sporting goods, and apparel products, engaged in a pattern or practice of failing to hire African-American and Hispanic applicants for positions in its retail stores nationwide, and retaliated against employees who opposed the discriminatory practices, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleged in a lawsuit filed today. continue reading »

Health Advocates Urging Politicians to Support Health Care Access for Latinas

As Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off, Planned Parenthood and other national leaders working on Latina health and justice issues are asking elected officials to recognize the disparate impact that federal and state health care policies are having on Latino families, and to oppose proposals that contribute to these health disparities. continue reading »

Older Hispanics Unable to Recover from Recession

An analysis of U.S. labor numbers by AARP’s Public Policy Institute found that as of July, workers ages 55 and older who lost their jobs stayed unemployed an average of almost 54 weeks, over four full months longer than younger unemployed workers. The median wealth of Hispanic households dropped a staggering 66 percent from 2005 to 2009, compared to a decline of one 16 percent in non-Hispanic white households. continue reading »

Bipartisan Resolution to Commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month Introduced to Congress

In advance of our nation’s commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today introduced a bipartisan resolution recognizing the month-long celebration and honoring the heritage, culture, and many contributions of Hispanic Americans throughout the history of the United States. continue reading »

STUDY:  Latinos and African Americans Remain Optimistic in Face of Tough Economy

Findings from the Blair-Rockefeller Poll challenge long-held assumptions about the impact of the economy on political attitudes and voting behaviors, according to a new report by political scientist Todd Shields continue reading »

Latino Immigrant Children More Likely to Go Hungry

Nearly one in five children in the United States lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. continue reading »

Latinos Maybe Losing Up to $1 Million Because of Fraudulent Prepaid Calling Cards

Consider the following facts: Latinos may be losing up to $1 million per day because of fraudulent prepaid calling cards. The average calling card only delivers 60% of the minutes advertised. The cost-per-minute rates for prepaid phone cards can be up to 87% higher than expected. continue reading »

Major US Cheese Producer Charged for Discriminating Against Hispanic & Other Minority Job Applicants

The administrative complaint seeks back wages and interest for at least 270 class members, as well as job offers for at least 17 of the original applicants. OFCCP also is requesting that Leprino Foods' existing federal contracts be canceled and the company be debarred from entering into any future contracts until the violations are resolved and the company corrects its discriminatory employment practices. continue reading »

Washington Post and National Journal: GOP Losing Latino Voters With Immigration Politics

A Washington Post editorial notes that Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is just the latest candidate to use “the usual Republican crutch to justify his position, insisting that the border must be made secure before reform is possible. But the border is more secure than it has been in decades — as measured by the soaring federal presence and plummeting rates of illegal crossings and crime on the frontier — and the GOP’s argument is looking increasingly threadbare.” continue reading »

An Environmental Win for California Latino School Children

Today, the EPA entered in an agreement with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) to resolve a civil rights complaints filed on behalf of Latino school children in 1999. continue reading »

Latino Voter Poll:  Hispanics Aspire for Higher Education though Many Unable to Afford It

When it comes to their children’s education, Latino voters have clear and high aspirations: a new poll revealed that an overwhelming 96%—almost all—would like to see their kids earn a college degree, whether it is a bachelor’s, master’s or professional degree. continue reading »