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Tag Results for "Latino News "

What’s Your FICO Score? Now You Can Find Out on MyFICO.com

FICO has announced the launch of MyFICO.com en Español. For the first time ever, the more than 34 million native Spanish-speakers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can now access personal credit reports, credit report analysis, their FICO Score and FICO Score analysis in Spanish. continue reading »

USDA Unveils Historic Improvements to Meals Served in America’s Schools

New Standards Will Improve the Health and Wellbeing of 32 Million Kids Nationwide. First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled new standards for school meals that will result in continue reading »

Join the White House Twitter Conversation on Latino Affairs Today

President Obama addressed the government and the Nation on Tuesday during the State of the Union, setting forth a blueprint for an economy that is built to last and a new energy future fueled by American-made energy. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Young Man Killed While Paying Ransom on Kidnapped Father

Today a young man was going to pay the ransom for his father was ultimately killed himself. This drama plays out daily in the state of Nuevo Leon. Last January 17th a man who owns a taxi company was kidnapped by a group of organized crime. After the kidnapping, the criminals asked the victim's family for a ransom of 3 million pesos. continue reading »

Merengue Singer Miriam Cruz Releases First Solo Album “Es necesario”

Dominican merengue singer Miriam Cruz, known as one of the voices of Las Chicas del Can, is returning to the stage with her first solo album "Es necesario." It is a return that the singer described as a rebirth in a "very continue reading »

Mexico No. 2 Producer of Child Porn, Lawmakers Say

Mexico is the world's No. 2 producer of child pornography and is classified as a source, transit and destination country for people traffickers involved in sexual exploitation, lawmakers said. Child pornography is the No. 2 illegal business, trailing only drug trafficking, and generates $42 billion annually, Special Committee to Fight People Trafficking chairwoman Rosi Orozco said. continue reading »

Yankees’ Catcher Jorge Posada Retires After 17 Years in Major League Baseball

Tuesday, Yankees' catcher Jorge Posada (born Jorge Rafael Posada Villeta) officially announced his retirement at Yankee Stadium, his teammates, coaches, and friends had the following to say about the Puerto Rican father of two. continue reading »

Too Big For Clothes at the Big House: Former Inmate Sues for $1 Mil, Claiming Clothing Didn’t Fit

A oversized former prisoner is suing the Correction Department of New York for failing to provide him with suitable clothing while he was incarcerated. In May 2011, Elias Diaz was arrested after police found he was continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Bank Robber Uses Skateboard From Bank to Bank

Police in Mexico say a man has been arrested after attempting to rob two banks, using his skateboard as the getaway “car”. Sergio Ledesma was taken in to custody after police say he tried to rob two Mexico City banks continue reading »

PEW:  Issue of Immigration Drops in Importance to Voters

Unlike five years ago, the issue of illegal immigration has dropped in importance as a national political issue according to a new Pew Research Center survey. continue reading »

1 Year After Being Shot Gabrielle Giffords Resigns, But Not Before Introducing Border Legislation

As her last act as a U.S. Representative, Arizona’s Gabrielle Giffords introduced legislation, known as the Ultralight Aircraft Smuggling Prevention Act of 2012 that would impose tough new penalties on smugglers who use small, low-flying aircraft to illegally bring drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border. continue reading »

Obama at State of the Union - NO More Excuses Time to Pass DREAM Act

President Barack Obama called on Congress in his State of the Union address to approve the so-called DREAM Act, which would open a path to legalizing the status of young undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

WATCH: Newt Gingrich with Jorge Ramos Talking Immigration and Amnesty (VIDEO)

Check out the Univision interview featuring Jorge Ramos and Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. In the interview Gingrich talks about Romney's concept of 'self-deportation' and his plan for immigration reform. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Lawyer Executed After Demanding 5 Million Pesos Ransom (Warning Gruesome Photos)

Daniel Jaime Nunez, 48-year-old lawyer was located in the entrance of the community of El Plum with a bullet in the forehead with his hands tied back, and with a banner that said " this is going to happen to all the kidnappers and extortionists. " continue reading »

Survey of U.S. and Florida Hispanics Reveals Support for Romney, Though Obama Still in Lead

Univision/ABC News/Latino Decisions release new survey of U.S. & Florida Hispanics. Survey shows Gov. Romney leading rivals among Florida Republican Hispanic voters; President Obama continues to hold strong lead over all potential GOP opponents, but enthusiasm challenge persists continue reading »

Spain’s “Fisca o Quimica” Debuts on U.S. Network

An adaptation of Spain's hit show "Fisica o Quimica" (Physics or Chemistry) debuted on U.S. Spanish-language network Telemundo Tuesday night. "We're very expectant, because this is the first adaptation of a Spanish fiction product in the continue reading »

Narcissism Especially Bad for Men’s Health, Study Says

Traits such as entitlement, exploitativeness may raise levels of stress hormone. The inflated sense of self-importance common to narcissism can be toxic to relationships, but a new study suggests the personality trait may also harm men's health. continue reading »

Health Tip: Food Can Affect Sleep

What you eat and drink can keep you up or make you drowsy. What you eat and drink can have a big impact on your ability to fall or stay asleep. Many foods can make you feel drowsy, while others can cause trouble sleeping. continue reading »

Border Patrol to Roll Out New “Get Tough” Policy on Unauthorized Immigrants

This month, the U.S. Border Patrol is set to end the practice of sending unauthorized Mexican immigrants back to Mexico without any sort of punishment. As reported by the Associated Press continue reading »

NALEO Reacts to President’s State of the Union Speech

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) issued the following statement regarding tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama: continue reading »