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Tag Results for "Latino Humor"

Artist Gives Celebrities a Chola Makeover

Call us crazy, but we cannot stop laughing at the "Cholafied" celebrities even though the artist, Michael Jason Enriquez, has not added new images in months. continue reading »

The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

As all of you Latinos are welcoming in Hispanic Heritage Month I think I have found the ultimate way to embody Latin-ness and connection to the culture – a title. continue reading »

TRENDING:  ‘Selena and Justin Broke Up?! YES!!!  (VIDEO)

Watch YouTube sensation (remember the bar for talent is very low) TimothyDeLaGhetto trying to win our Latina sweetheart Selena. His only viable talent appears to be making YouTube videos that everyone watches. Tell us what you think because we think it stink, continue reading »

Tweet Jesus! El Papa aka The Pope Is Tweeting

I know the world is a mess and many believe it’s coming to an end especially when you watch the debt ceiling debate and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I know eerily similar). But when the Pope, revered and known throughout the Americas, as El Papa, starts Tweeting and sending TwitPics Dios Mio you KNOW it’s the end of the world. continue reading »

Hilarious Video on Stereotypes in 50 States All in 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

We know you are probably busy with family and friends on this Memorial Day weekend but no one is ever too busy to enjoy a quick and good laugh. Check out this video on stereotypes of our 50 states continue reading »


They are efficient, stealthy, and not to mention HUGE in Japan. ¿A qué hora sales por el pan? They’re maids, and with all this talk about them as of late they’re the hottest thing since sliced Bimbo bread. continue reading »

Aliens are Coming – No Not the Illegal Ones – the Real Ones

“Alien Life Among Us” Fox News headlines screamed today and this time they were right. I was so excited to hear that there might be alien life on other planets because the Latino continue reading »

Do Hispanics Want to Leave the U.S. because Bristol is Poised to Win Dancing with the Stars?

In case you haven’t heard 1-out-of-7 Hispanics would leave the U.S. permanently if they could. Whaaaaaat? I ain’t goin’ nowhere at least not until I celebrate the pinnacle of American mediocrity by watching Bristol Palin horse hoof her way to a Dancing with the Stars trophy. continue reading »

The Week Cable TV Offended Hispanics - Well Maybe Just This Hispanic

This week CNN and Nickelodeon TV really gave me pause to question my undying love and addiction to cable TV, especially the type that is bland and mind numbing. It’s the kind of TV that you continue reading »

HS News has Figured out Who Meg Whitman’s Maid Really Works For - Partake of our Humor

Come visit our ¿Amigo ó Enemigo? section as we analyze and dissect what is said by and about Hispanics and Latinos. continue reading »

WEEKLY FEATURE:  Coco Loco Latinos of the Week

It’s time to identify our Coco Loco Latinos of the week and our choices range from the delusional to the D-listed to the detained. Starting with the delusional, we can start nowhere else but with J-Lo. Jenny on the Block like the bed bugs in New York keeps resurfacing even when continue reading »