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Tag Results for "Latino Heritage"

Mexico Uncovers 1,000 Year Old Tomb in Michoacan

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb more than 1,000 years old in the western state of Michoacan, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH, announced. continue reading »

Activists Use Rio 2016 Exhibition to Highlight Troubles of Brazil’s Awá Tribe

Tribal rights campaigners targeted a London exhibition celebrating Brazil’s cultural heritage ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, to highlight the plight of "Earth’s most threatened tribe." continue reading »

Archaeologists Discover 850 Year Old Human Remains in Central Mexico

Mexican specialists found 15 graves with entire human skeletons estimated at more than 850 years old at an archaeological site in the central state of Queretaro, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. continue reading »

Artifacts from the Tomb of 13th Century Priestess Exhibited in Peru

The Chornancap priestess, the woman of the greatest hierarchy yet discovered in the Lambayeque culture, has the vestiges of her ancient power on show in Lima at an exhibition of grave goods found surrounding her remains near the northern Peruvian coastal city of Chiclayo. continue reading »

Johnny Canales , legendary Mexican Performer to be Honored at MALDEF Awards Gala (VIDEO)

Johnny Canales, 65, legendary Mexican performer, will be honored by the Mexican American Legal Defense Education Fund (MALDEF) organization at their MALDEF 2012 San Antonio Awards Gala Banquet, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. The banquet will be held at the Westin Riverwalk, 420 West Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205. Canales is famous for, “U got it! Take it away!” continue reading »

Americas & Americans Music Festival Kicks Off in LA

The Venezuelan director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel, inaugurated the Americas & Americans festival, a tribute to different Latin American sounds and musical traditions with a touch of classical music. Dudamel and Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra opened the recitals that will be held daily until next Sunday. continue reading »

Mexican Specialists Work to Preserve Pre-Columbian Murals

Experts have made significant strides in preserving Mexico's pre-Columbian pictorial heritage, carrying out restoration projects at 44 archaeological sites over the past two years, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. continue reading »

Organization Asks Machu Picchu Visitors to Aid Peru’s Indigenous Peoples

The Survival organization on Tuesday asked tourists visiting the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu to get involved in a new online campaign to protect the rights of Peru's indigenous peoples from the dangers their lands face from the expansion of natural-gas projects. continue reading »

Creator of the Daiquiri, Hemingway’s Favorite Cuban Bar Turns 195

Iconic Cuban fish restaurant and cocktail bar El Floridita, famed for its daiquiris and known as Ernest Hemingway's favorite hangout in Havana, marked its 195th anniversary on Friday. continue reading »

Luis Fitch Named Winner of Friends of the American Latino Museum Design Contest

Friends of the American Latino Museum (@LatinoMuseum) is excited to announce the winner of our 2012 Campaign Design Contest. This design was chosen by supporters in a popular vote style. It will be used throughout all of the continue reading »

CHCI Announces Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Events

CHCI announced September 10-13 as the dates for its 35th Anniversary Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Washington, D.C. with the theme "CHCI at 35: Keeping the Founders' Promise." CHCI hosts the nation's premier events commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), which draws more than 3,000 Latino leaders from across the country to its Public Policy Conference, Reyes of Comedy, and Annual Awards Gala in Washington, D.C. Registration for CHCI HHM events is now available at www.chci.org. continue reading »

UN Urges Peru To Implement Emergency Protection Measures for Machu Picchu

A Unesco mission asked Peruvian authorities to take emergency measures to protect the archaeological site of Machu Picchu, and in particular to keep the neighboring village of Aguas Calientes from spreading any further. continue reading »

2,500-year-old Altar Unearthed By Mexican Archaeologists

An altar and a stela estimated to date from as early as 800 B.C. were found at the Chalcatzingo archaeological site in the central state of Morelos, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH, said. continue reading »

Oaxacans in California Prepare for Guelaguetza Festival

Some communities of people from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca are preserving their roots in California with festivals that emphasize their rich cultural tradition. continue reading »

Mayan Celebrations Begin in Mexico With Traditional Events

A pre-Columbian market, dances and offerings to the goddess Ixchel were the first events of the Sacred Maya Crossing, a tradition restored several years ago that is the first big event of the Maya year celebrations in Mexico. continue reading »

Who Speaks Spanish Best? by Raul Guerrero

Are Spain, Latin America and Hispanic US, paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, worlds separated by the same language? Argentinos and uruguayos pronounce ll, y and g as English speakers do the sh in she, and some bolivianos and ecuatorianos pronounce the ll as the l in Leonor, while other Spanish-speakers do as the y in yo-yo. continue reading »

Ship Named After Prominent Civil Rights Activist Cesar Chavez to be Christened by US Navy

The Navy will christen and launch the dry cargo/ammunition ship the USNS Cesar Chavez, Saturday, May 5, 2012, during a 7:30 p.m. PDT ceremony at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego. continue reading »

Discovery en Espanol Airs Puebla Documentary-Puebla Launches English Website

As Mexico commemorates the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Battle of Puebla, the Government of Puebla launched today an English website to inform visitors about the history, diversity and significance of Cinco de Mayo. continue reading »

“No Longer Empty” Fills New York Mansion With Work of Hispanic Artists

An exhibition named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel "This Side of Paradise" is bringing art, splendor and new life to a New York mansion that once served as a rest home for the formerly wealthy. "Our mission is to transform the empty spaces with art," said Jodie Dinapoli, program director of No Longer Empty, a New York-based non-profit arts organization that since 2009 has filled buildings with works of installation art, including the 32 creations distributed throughout the Andrew Freedman Home in The Bronx. continue reading »

Botero’s Bronze “El Gato” Has His Whisker Stolen in Medellin

One of the whiskers on the giant "El Gato" (The Cat) statue donated by painter and sculptor Fernando Botero to his native Medellin has been stolen, an official in the Colombian city told Efe. The theft targeting the 1,050-kilo (1.2-ton) work of art occurred on Holy Thursday. continue reading »