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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

Health Tip: Get More Veggies Into Your Diet

Here are some ways to add them to snacks and meals. Everyone knows it's important to eat a lot of vegetables. But how can you eat more of these healthy foods without upsetting your routine? continue reading »

Are You Bored at Work?  Then You’ll Probably turn to Booze and Chocolate

Chronic boredom grips one-fourth of office workers, which may affect their quality of work as well as their physical and mental health, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Latinas the Main Victims of Cervical Cancer in California

Although this type of cancer, cervical, affects all ethnic groups, Latinas are diagnosed with this disease twice as often as Caucasians. They also have the highest mortality rate in California. continue reading »

STUDY:  Meth User More Like to Try Suicide

Drug users who inject themselves with methamphetamine are 80 percent more likely to attempt suicide than those abusing other drugs, new research reveals. continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanics Had Greatest Health Risk During 2009’s H1N1 Flu Pandemic

Social determinants, including the lack of paid sick leave, contributed to higher risk of exposure to the influenza A (H1N1) virus among Hispanics in the U.S. continue reading »

$1.2 Million Cancer Institute Grant to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, Latinos to Benefit

A $1.2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities will support NU NEIGHBORS, a partnership between the Robert H. Lurie continue reading »

Midwest Latino Health Research Receives $850,000 Grant

The University of Illinois at Chicago‚Äôs Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center has received a $850,000 grant to address health disparities in Chicago. continue reading »

STUDY: Yawning May Cool the Brain

Yawning helps keep the brain cool, and the sinuses play a role in that process by acting as bellows, a new report suggests. continue reading »

Health Tip:  Pack Your Holiday Leftovers Carefully

When packing up your holiday leftovers, make sure they're properly stored to prevent foodborne illness. The American Dietetic Association offers these suggestions for safe storage of your holiday leftovers: continue reading »

Holiday Season a Challenge for Allergy Sufferers

The holiday season can be a challenge for people with allergies and asthma, but there are a number of things they can do to protect themselves, allergists say. continue reading »

Black Friday Is Just Not About Bargains, Can be Psychological Adventure

Black Friday, the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, is as much about the quest as it is about getting good deals, according to a marketing expert. continue reading »

Increasing Awareness of Stroke Risk Factors for Latinos

Hispanics are particularly susceptible to stroke in the United States and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) hope to educate about stroke during the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association continue reading »

Holiday Health Tip:  Treat Yourself Well

The holidays can be physically, emotionally and financially overwhelming. So take care to avoid letting the stress of the season get you down. continue reading »

Health Tip:  Managing Diabetes While Under Stress

Managing diabetes can be tough enough, but the challenge is even greater when you're under stress. continue reading »

Hispanic Seniors Least Likely Amongst General Population to Get Their Pneumonia Shots

The overall proportion of Americans age 65 and older who have ever been vaccinated against pneumonia, a leading killer of seniors, increased from 53 to 60 percent between 2000 and 2008, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). continue reading »

Hispanic Medical Assocation on Capital Hill to Bring Awareness on Hispanic Community Health Issues

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal Allard opened the annual Fall Hispanic health briefing on Capitol Hill calling attention to the fact that the U.S. now spends $2 continue reading »

STUDY:  The Longer Hispanic Immigrants Live in U.S. More Likely to Develop Health Problems

he longer they live in the United States, the more likely it is that Hispanic immigrants will develop health problems, a new study says. continue reading »

Kids With Asthma Affected by Their Home Environment

Children with asthma who live in single-parent homes are 50 percent more likely to return to the hospital for treatment within a year than those who live in two-parent homes, a new study finds. continue reading »

STUDY:  Latinos and Blacks Will be the Most Hurt With Medicaid Cuts

A new report, Medicaid: A Lifeline for Blacks and Latinos, shows how the state and federally funded health insurance program for low- income people, has historically played a critical role for people of color, providing coverage for millions of blacks and Latinos of all ages. continue reading »

Managing This Weekend’s Time Change

When the clocks go back an hour this weekend, some people may have trouble adjusting to the time change. Many welcome the switch from daylight savings time to standard time because it means an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but some will find it difficult to adapt continue reading »