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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

Fatty Foods Might Harm Men’s Sperm, Research Suggests

Small study finds lower sperm counts, concentrations for males on high-fat diets. Could the fatty foods a man eats harm his fertility? So says a new study that finds chowing continue reading »

Sugary Drinks Can Be Hard on Heart: Study

Men who drank one sweet beverage daily had higher risk of heart disease. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages every day raises men's risk of heart disease, a long-term study finds. continue reading »

Exercise Might Boost Kids’ Academic Ability

Pretest 'warm-ups' boosted test scores in study of Italian schoolchildren. Promoting physical activity among young school kids can end up improving their academic performance, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Fruits, Veggies Can Be Beauty Tools, Study Says

Skin color improves as consumption increases, researchers say. The key to a rosy, healthy-looking complexion may be as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables, researchers say. continue reading »

FDA Warning for Skin Products Containing Mercury Marketed to Latinos

Federal health officials are warning consumers not to use skin creams, beauty and antiseptic soaps, or lotions that might contain mercury. continue reading »

Many U.S. Families Struggle to Pay Medical Bills

Poor and near poor suffer most, CDC statistics show. One-third of Americans are in families that are having trouble paying for health care, a government report released Wednesday shows. continue reading »

Health Tip: Coping With Diabetes

Accepting your diagnosis. You've just been diagnosed with diabetes. Accepting the diagnosis is difficult for many people, but it's an important first step. The American Diabetes Association offers these suggestions: continue reading »

Computerization May Not Curb Medical Tests, Costs

Doctors order more scans if they have easy access to results, study shows. Doctors are more likely to order imaging and other diagnostic lab tests for their patients continue reading »

STUDY: Fitness Programs Lack Cultural Relevance for Minorities

In a new study, University of Missouri researchers found that minority adults who received exercise interventions increased their physical activity levels. However, these interventions are not culturally tailored to best assist minority populations in improving overall health. continue reading »

Too Many Americans Skipping Colon Cancer Screening

Americans 50 and older who haven't had a colonoscopy screening should get one, experts urge. Approximately one in three U.S. adults between the ages of 50 and 75 who s continue reading »

Web-Based Therapy May Help Teens With Chronic Fatigue

Online treatment linked to fewer severe symptoms of syndrome, better school attendance, study finds. eens with chronic fatigue syndrome, which can cause poor concentrat continue reading »

Stroke Risk Rises With Duration of Type 2 Diabetes: Study

After 10 years with blood sugar disease, chances of brain attack tripled, researchers say. People who've had type 2 diabetes for more than 10 years are three times m continue reading »

Health Tip: Protect Your Kids’ Teeth From Cavities

Here's what you can do. Monitoring your child's diet and limiting sugar intake can help protect the child from cavities. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics continue reading »

Drug-Free Housing Helps Heroin, Oxycontin Addicts Recover

Study found higher abstinence rates with housing, day treatment. Drug-free recovery housing and day treatment programs greatly improve the chances that those addicted to opioids continue reading »

Teens May Fare Worse After Concussion Than Children or Adults

Injury can cause long-term problems with short-term memory in teens, researchers say. Teenagers who suffer a concussion are more sensitive than adults or children to its aftereffects, Canadian researchers report. continue reading »

New Flu Virus Discovered in Guatemalan Fruit Bats

A new influenza A virus discovered in fruit bats in Guatemala does not appear to present a current threat to humans, but should be studied as a potential source for human influenza continue reading »

‘Active’ Video Games May Not Boost Kids’ Fitness: Study

Wii games were no better than 'inactive' selections, researchers found. Apparently there's no guarantee that your kids will mend their couch-potato ways if you give them a fitness video game. continue reading »

Another Batch of Birth Control Pills Recalled for Faulty Packaging

Dosing directions could limit effectiveness, lead to unintended pregnancies. A second company has issued a voluntary recall of birth control pills because o continue reading »

New AARP Online Tool Can Help Americans Realize Current and Future Benefits of the Health Care Law

Health Law Guide provides personalized health information in about five minutes. Today AARP launched a personalized online tool, the Health Law Guide continue reading »

Flu Season Off to a Very Late Start: CDC

There's been an uptick in cases in February, but this is latest arrival in decades. It took a long time to get started, but this winter's flu season is finally here, say experts at continue reading »