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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

Health Tip: Avoid Asthma Triggers

Including things that make you sneeze. If you're trying to prevent an asthma flare, avoiding things that trigger your breathing problems is a good start. continue reading »

Study Probes How Sad Movies Make Viewers Happy

Tearjerkers prompt people to think about loved ones, boosting mood, researchers say. Watching sad movies makes people happier because it causes them to think about their loved ones, a new study finds. continue reading »

Fast Food Is Saltier in U.S. Than Overseas

International chains sell same items abroad but with less sodium, study finds. Large differences exist in the levels of salt in foods sold at major fast-food restaurants in the United States and other developed countries, a new study says. continue reading »

Even Toddlers Succumb to Peer Pressure, Study Says

2-year-olds -- like chimps -- follow the majority. Toddlers are more likely to pick up a behavior if they see most other toddlers doing it, a new study shows. continue reading »

Health Tip: Consider These Diabetes ‘Superfoods’

Offerings that should meld well with a diabetic's meal plan. People with diabetes should look for foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch yet have a low glycemic index, experts say. continue reading »

Teen Birth Rate Lowest in History, Latinos Have Highest Rate of Teen Births

Today’s report from the national Center for Health Statistics is showing that teen birth rates is the lowest in 70 years, and those low rates apply to all ethnics minorities as well. continue reading »

Children Born to Obese Moms May Face Higher Autism Risk: Study

Maternal obesity, overweight also linked to other developmental delays. Children born to obese or very overweight mothers are at higher risk of having autism or developmental delays, new research suggests. continue reading »

Teen Drinking May Boost Odds of Precancerous Breast Changes

The more alcohol consumed, the higher the likelihood, researchers say. Teenage girls and young adult women who drink even moderate amounts of alcohol appear to increase their risk o continue reading »

STUDY:  Latinos and Blacks Less Likely to be Prescribed Antidepressants than Whites

Hispanics and blacks are less likely to be prescribed antidepressants than whites, and Medicare and Medicaid patients are less likely to receive the drugs than those with private insurance, a new study says. continue reading »

Bilingual Kids Are Better Multi-Taskers, Study Says

Researchers cite the ability to toggle back and forth between two languages. Children who grow up learning to speak two languages are better at multi-tasking than children who learn only one language, a new study finds. continue reading »

Health Tip: How to Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Suggestions include asking people not to light up in your home. Secondhand smoke can cause illness and early death in adults and children who don't smoke. continue reading »

Health Tip: More Reasons to Quit Smoking

Health risks start to diminish almost immediately. As soon as you quit smoking, you begin to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and stroke. continue reading »

STUDY:  Each Generation of Mexican-American Children Gain Weight, 1st Generation Healthiest

In a study to be published in the “Journal of Nutrition” shows that first generation Mexican-American children are thinner and eat better than subsequent generations. continue reading »

STUDY: Each Generation of Mexican-American Children Gain Weight, 1st Generation Healthiest

In a study to be published in the “Journal of Nutrition” shows that first generation Mexican-American children are thinner and eat better than subsequent generations. continue reading »

BBQ Danger: Wires From Grill Cleaners Swallowed in Food

Patients suffer from throat, stomach injuries. Several Rhode Island residents had a brush with the emergency room because of sharp wire bristles that made their way from barbecue grills into their digestive tracts. continue reading »

Coffee Drinking in Pregnancy Won’t Lead to Sleepless Baby: Study

It also found no increase in wakefulness among breast-fed babies whose mothers consumed caffeine. Caffeine consumption among expectant or new mothers does n continue reading »

Health Tip: Selecting a Childcare Provider

Factors to consider include staff-to-child ratio. If you're a new mom who is planning to return to work soon, you may need to find a reputable childcare provider. continue reading »

Two-Thirds of Kids With Autism Have Been Bullied: Study

Middle school typically the worst time for being picked on, researchers say. Nearly two-thirds of American children with autism have been bullied at some point in their lives, and these kids are bullied three times more often than their siblings without autism, a new survey finds. continue reading »

Immersion Beats Classroom for Mastering a Foreign Tongue: Study

Either way, the brain seems to consolidate new language over time, researchers find. For adults, learning a new language is like learning how to play a musical instrument -- over time, the brain continue reading »

Obesity Rates Rise Among Mexican-Americans: Report

25-year survey results shed light on nutrition and health changes. The obesity rate among Mexican-American adults aged 20 to 74 increased from about 21 percent to nearly 35 percent between 1982 and 2006, a new federal report reveals. continue reading »