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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

Colds May Be Even More ‘Common’ Than People Think

Infected co-eds with no symptoms outnumbered those with symptoms by 4 to 1 in study. The virus that causes the common cold may be more prevalent among college students than previ continue reading »

Anxiety, Depression May Raise Stroke Risk

Screening for psychological distress could save patients' lives, researchers say. People suffering from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness or other forms of psychological distress continue reading »

Smoking Might Raise Your Odds for Skin Cancer

Review of data finds higher risk for squamous cell carcinomas - Smoking has long been tied to a number of cancers, and now another tumor type, skin cancer, may join that list. continue reading »

Dad’s Love Can Be Crucial for Happy Childhood, Study Confirms

For many kids, rejection by father can be even more devastating than by mother. Move over, tiger moms. Dads can play an even more significant role in the development of happy, well-adjusted children than do mothers, a new study indicates. continue reading »

Health Tip: Focus on a Healthy Family

Strive for a balance of physical and emotional health - Striving for a healthy family life can help you and your loved ones stay physically and emotionally healthier. continue reading »

Food Allergies are on the Rise, and Illinois Kids Need to be Protected

Odds are you know someone with a food allergy. For reasons not yet fully understood by the medical community, food allergies have become more prevalent in recent years, continue reading »

Quitting Smoking Even in Old Age Prolongs Life: Study

Review of data in older people affirms the dangers of the habit. There's yet more evidence that smoking cuts life expectancy, with a new study that finds the habit increases the continue reading »

Chicago Hunger Strike Continues Over Undocumented Being Denied Transplants

A woman in the group of five Latinos who are on a hunger strike here to demand organ transplants for undocumented immigrants lacking health insurance was treated by paramedics on Monday but later rejoined the protest begun nine days ago. continue reading »

Hispanics in the U.S. More Likely to Die While Waiting for a Heart Transplant

A recent study headed by Dr. Tajinder P. Singh of Boston Children's Hospital found Hispanics on the waiting list for a heart transplant in the U.S. are more likely to die than white patients. continue reading »

Disney to Curtail Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

Change will affect the media giant's child-focused TV channels, radio stations and websites. A new strict set of nutritional standards is being introduced for all products advertised on continue reading »

Health Tip: Work Out in Water

And help ease pressure on muscles and joints - Aquatics, another name for water exercises, are a low-impact way to strengthen muscles and burn calories. continue reading »

Parental Abuse, Neglect Linked to Increased Skin Cancer Risk

Study found those who suffered it were more likely to get second skin cancer later in life. New research suggests that early childhood abuse and neglect may raise the risk for recurring skin cancer later in life. continue reading »

Only a Third of U.S. Moms Who Plan to Breast-Feed Meet Goals

Formula-feeding at hospital is important barrier, study finds. Although most American women plan on breast-feeding their newborns, fewer than one-third of those who expected to exclusively breast-feed for three months or more met that goal, according to new research. continue reading »

Serious Exercise May Benefit Middle-Aged Arteries

Highly active people had less stiffening of their blood vessels, study found. High levels of exercise help prevent stiffening of the arteries in middle-aged people, a small new study says. continue reading »

Healthy Diet, Exercise Extend Life for Women in Their 70s: Study

Participants who were tops in both categories had 8 times the odds of survival. Women in their 70s can gain more years by following advice they may be giving their grandkids: exercise and eat your fruits and vegetables. continue reading »

Health TIp: Traveling With Your Pet

Tips for a safe car ride - If you are planning a long road trip and taking Rover or Fluffy along, the ASPCA offers these suggestions to help keep you and your animal safe: continue reading »

Once-Obese Women Still Face Stigma, Study Finds

'Fat bias' may linger even after weight loss. Even after they shed their excess pounds, formerly obese women still have to contend with "anti-fat prejudice," according to a new study. continue reading »

Tight Blood-Sugar Control Shows Mixed Results for Health of Kidneys: Study

The approach might ease certain signs of kidney damage in diabetics, but longer-term benefit unclear. Intensive control of blood sugar levels reduces the risk of certain signs of kidney damage a continue reading »

Taking Anti-HIV Meds Prior to Exposure May Help Prevent Infection

Research review backs giving antiretrovirals to people at high risk of contracting AIDS-causing virus. Preventive antiretroviral treatment appears to be an effe continue reading »

Food Safety During Picnic Season

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching – and with it, the start of picnic season. As you plan your next outing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reminds you that foodborne bacteria multiply faster in warm weather, and this can lead to food poisoning (also known as foodborne illness). continue reading »