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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

Teens With ADHD May Need Help Making Transition to College

Experts offer suggestions for students on how to compensate for their disorder. For students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD continue reading »

Health Tip: Manage Heartburn During Pregnancy

Watch what and when you eat - Heartburn is common during pregnancy, thanks to an expanding uterus and hormonal changes. The womenshealth.gov website offers these suggestions to continue reading »

Coalition of +35 Dental Orgs Join Ad Council to Launch 1st Children’s Oral Health Campaign

Campaign partners include Sesame Street, DreamWorks Animation, Cartoon Network, MyKazoo!, Grey Group and Wing - According to a survey released by the Ad Council today less than half continue reading »

Routine Screening Won’t Cut Rates of Domestic Violence, Study Suggests

Researchers saw no benefit for women who got doctor's office-based screen vs. those who did not. Routine, computer-based doctor's office screening for domestic violence does not continue reading »

Your Blood Type May Boost Your Heart Risk, Study Finds

But lifestyle is still more important, experts say. Your blood type may influence your heart health, with types A, B and AB slightly increasing the odds of heart disease, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Pain Reported by Nearly Half With Type 2 Diabetes

Specialized treatment may be needed to improve quality of life, researchers suggest. Nearly 50 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes say they have acute and chronic pain, and ab continue reading »

Scientists ID New Gene Regions Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Findings help shed light on condition's genetics, biology. Scientists have identified 10 new regions of DNA linked to type 2 diabetes, bringing the total number of genes and gene region continue reading »

Junk Food Laws in Schools May Mean Healthier Kids: Study

In states with toughest regulations, kids more likely to maintain healthy body weight. States with strong laws about what foods can be sold at school outside breakfast and lunch programs a continue reading »

Childhood Friendships May Be Key to Adult Happiness

Quality of relationships has more effect than intelligence or academic record, study finds. Happiness in adulthood may be determined by the quality of relationships in your youth continue reading »

Two Languages Better Than One for Kids’ Brains: Study

Bilingual children excel at problem-solving, creative thinking, research suggests. Children who speak more than one language seem to have a learning advantage: Being bilingual can improve children's problem-solving skills and creative thinking, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Stressed-Out Men May Prefer Heavier Women

Study suggests evolution could explain why males are programmed this way. New research suggests that stress makes men more likely to be attracted to slightly heavier women, continue reading »

Parents Spank, Slap Kids in Public More Often Than Thought

And fathers are more likely than people think to use a gentle approach, study found. Parents may resort to physical means of admonishing their kids in public spaces much more frequently than they admit to in surveys, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Health Tip: Maintain Your Ideal Weight

The weight-loss battle isn't over once you lose the extra pounds. The challenge becomes keeping it off. The American Council on Exercise offers these suggestions to help you maintain a healthy body weight: continue reading »

Latinas to Governors: Expand Medicaid and Protect Contraception Without Co-pays

Millions are currently denied care because of immigration status; Latinas demand health care for all - Today the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) launches its third annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice. continue reading »

Allergies May Plague Renters More Than Homeowners

Those who rent less likely to take steps to reduce indoor allergy triggers, study finds. People with common indoor allergies who rent their home continue reading »

Hispanic Females in the U.S. Have Longest Life Expectancy at 83.8 Years

Mortality in the United States is best summarized by the age-adjusted death rate—a measure that accounts for changes in the age distribution of the population. In 2010, the age-adjusted death rate for the United States was 746.2 per 100,000 population. continue reading »

Many Americans in Denial Over Weight Gain: Study

While average adult weight rose in 2008-2009, most surveyed thought they'd dropped pounds. If you've ever stepped on the scales and been shocked at the number you see, continue reading »

Health Tip: Quench Your Thirst Without Extra Calories

It's important to drink a lot of fluids during the hot summer months. But too many sugary drinks can widen your waistline. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics continue reading »

Latinas Nationwide Celebrate Launch of ACA Benefits, Including Contraception Without Co-pays

Today Latinas nationwide celebrate access to contraception without co-pays, as well as the launch of a series of additional provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aimed at protecting women’s health. continue reading »

Rising Cigarette Prices May Be Incentive to Quit

The recent increase in the Illinois cigarette tax is an example of how making smoking more expensive can convince some people it's time to quit. For example, being a smoker in Chicago can easily cost $300 continue reading »