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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

St. Jude Thanks and Giving Campaign Raises More Than $72 Million

Online Giving Increases 63 Percent, Hispanic Donor Engagement at All-Time High - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® and the generous consumers and par continue reading »

Health Tip: When Your Child Has a Headache

Follow these tips to soothe the pain - Headaches can cause big pain in little kids, and parents want to do whatever they can to ease their children's suffering. continue reading »

Hispanic Health: Few Extra Pounds In Black and Latino Kids Harms Lung Function

A recent study in Hispanic Health shows that even a slight weight increase amongst Latino children can harm the children's lung function. continue reading »

Relationship Worries Can Make You Sick

Chronic fretting linked to rise in stress hormones, lowered immune response in study. Feeling insecure and frequently anxious about your romantic relationship can actually harm your health, continue reading »

‘Smarter Lunchroom’ May Lead to Healthier Choices

Attractive positioning of fruits and veggies influences what kids eat, researchers find. The changes included improving the convenience and attractiveness of fruits continue reading »

Fast Food Makes Up 11 Percent of Calories in U.S. Diet: CDC

But, that's a drop from 2003-2006, researchers note. Fast food fare from restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Pizza Hut accounted for more than continue reading »

U.S. Kids Consuming Fewer Calories, Report Finds

Experts credit healthier fare at schools, information campaigns for the turnaround. Finally, some good news in the war on childhood obesity: Kids in continue reading »

Cold and Flu Sufferers Should Ease Back Into Fitness Routine

Toned-down workout advised; vigorous exercise too soon can have negative impact, expert cautions. Although physical activity can help boost your immune system, p continue reading »

1 in 8 Americans Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes: Poll

Only 21 percent of those interviewed say they're well-versed on the disease, Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey finds. A staggering one in eight Americans has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, continue reading »

Lower Lung Function in Infancy Linked to Wheeze in Adulthood

Smoking also played key role in respiratory trouble for young adults, study found. Reduced lung function during infancy is linked to wheeze in adulthood, a new long-term study contends. continue reading »

Researchers Detect an Anti-Autism Advantage in Females

Findings may help explain disorder's prevalence among boys. A protective effect in females may help explain one of the biggest mysteries of autism continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanic and Black Women Remain Less Aware of Heart Disease Risks

A new survey suggests that while public health campaigns have prompted a growing number of American women to recognize that heart disease is the biggest risk to their well-being, a racial gap in awareness remains as wide as ever. continue reading »

Switching Kids Away From Violent TV May Lower Aggression

Two studies suggest television can have a profound impact on children's behavior. Two studies, one from the United States and the other from New Zealand, continue reading »

Youth Smoking, Obesity May Lead to Early Death

Study found first raised risk by 86 percent, while second increased it by 39 percent. Young adults and teens who smoke, are obese and have high blood suga continue reading »

CDC: Flu Levels Finally Drop

Activity has decreased in many areas, data shows. Flu activity continued to decrease in many areas of the United States during the week ending Feb. 9, federal health officials reported Friday. continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH:  CDC Contraception Study Highlights Latina Need for Access

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, the only national organization working on behalf the 24 million Latinas, their families and communities in the U.S. continue reading »

Rich/Poor Divide Linked to Hospital Readmissions in Study

With greater gaps in income within an area, rehospitalization rates go up, findings show. The divide between rich and poor in the state where you live may affect your risk of be continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH: Bilingual Babies Know their Grammar by 7 Months

Babies as young as seven months can distinguish between, and begin to learn, two languages with vastly different grammatical structures, according to new research from the University of British Columbia and Université Paris Descartes. continue reading »

Not-So-Happy Valentine’s Day! Report Finds Millions of Americans Have STDs

And half of new infections each year are among young people, CDC says. Here's a new, and sobering, government statistic to ponder on Valentine's Day: continue reading »

‘Hovering’ Moms May Take Fun Out of Play

Preschoolers in study played most cheerfully when mothers were warm but non-interfering. Even something as simple as play can be complicated: A new study sho continue reading »