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Tag Results for "Latino Health News"

REPORT:  29.1% of All Latinos Uninsured in Total 48 Million Americans Uninsured

A Census Bureau report issued today shows that approximately 48 million people in 2012 did not have health insurance. The report indicates 3 million more Americans were insured than in 2011. continue reading »

STUDY: Bilingualism Strengthens Brain Muscle

People who are bilingual, or speak two languages, likely have more mental flexibility than those who speak just one language, according to a new study. continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanics Don’t Check for Signs of Skin Cancer, Need to be Informed of Risks

A new study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found Latinos do not examine their skin regularly for signs of skin cancer. continue reading »

Study Finds Alcohol Dominates in Pop Music Lyrics

Hit songs celebrate 'getting wasted,' with none of the downside, researchers say. Today's popular music often celebrates excessive drinking as a fun, beneficial pastime, even highlighting select booze bran continue reading »

Readmission Rates for Kids May Not Reflect Hospital Performance

Study suggests that parents should base decisions on other factors. Unlike the case with adult readmissions, higher hospital readmission rates for children may not necessarily continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH:  Using Community Health Workers Helps Mexican American Community Combat Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes among Hispanic Americans is growing and their likelihood of being hospitalized for uncontrolled diabetes is two times greater than that of non-Hispanic Whites. Rather than a new drug, the prescription for controlling diabetes may be a person. continue reading »

Being Bullied as a Child Can Leave Scars in Adults

The judge investigating last month's deadly train crash in northwestern Spain plans to question the officials responsible for railway safety as possible defendants. Highlighting the harm caused by bullying, a new study continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH: Hispanic Teen Drug Use Dramatically Higher Than Other Teens

The Partnership at Drugfree.org today released new research from the latest Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), a nationally projectable survey that tracks teen drug and alcohol use and parent attitudes toward substance abuse among teens. The research, sponsored by MetLife Foundation, shows that Hispanic teens are using drugs at alarmingly higher levels when compared to teens from other ethnic groups. It confirms that substance abuse has become a normalized behavior among Latino youth. continue reading »

STUDY: 1 in 3 American Youths Experience Dating Violence

Problem isn't getting better, expert warns. More than one-third of U.S. teens and young adults say they've suffered abuse during dating and about one-third say they've been perpetrators of abuse, new research finds. About one-quarter say they've been both an abuser and a victim. continue reading »

STUDY: Odds of Smoking Higher for Those Who Grow Up Poor

Study suggests kids in poor families may have less self-control when it comes to healthy behaviors. Poor children are more likely than their wealthier counterparts to smoke cigarettes, continue reading »

Latin America Hit by Virulent Form of Dengue Fever, Death Toll on the Rise

Central and Latin America are being hitting by a potent form of dengue fever resulting in escalating death tolls. continue reading »

HISPANIC HEALTH: Why are U.S. Latinos Outliving Whites?

Some call it the “Hispanic Mortality Paradox” – U.S. Latinos outliving whites yet they are most likely to be uninsured and live in poverty- stricken areas. continue reading »

Diabetes Drug Metformin May Protect the Brain

Study found patients taking metformin were 20 percent less likely to develop dementia. The diabetes drug metformin may do more than help control blood sugar levels: New rese continue reading »

U.S. v Mexico:  Guess Whose Fatter????

The U.S. losing out to the Mexico in terms of socio-economic, GDP and countless other benchmarks – that is until today. continue reading »

A Bad Boss May Also be Harmful to Employee’s Family

Research shows employees bring workplace stress home to spouses, children. When workplace stress spills over into your personal life, your family's well-being can also suffer, continue reading »

Though Exercise in the U.S. is Up, So is Obesity

Food control is the missing link, experts say. Although Americans are exercising more, the obesity epidemic continues to expand, University of Washington researchers report. continue reading »

As U.S. Population Ages, ER Visits Will Lengthen

And hospitalizations stemming from these visits will rise, study predicts. While the number of visits to emergency rooms will not rise due to United States' aging population, continue reading »

Tips for Better Sleep in Summer Nights

Don't let longer daylight hours disturb your slumber. Those extra hours of daylight in the summer contribute to sleep problems experienced by many Americans, experts say continue reading »

With Help From Grants, More Kids Will have Health Insurance

Federal officials unveiled $32 million in awards to outreach efforts in 22 states. More children in low-income families will get health insurance coverage, continue reading »

STUDY:  Mexican-American Kids Less Likely to be Overweight if They Ate More Peanuts

A study by the Children’s Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas has discovered that Mexican-American children are less likely to be overweight or obese if they consume peanuts at least one a week. continue reading »