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Tag Results for "Latino Entertainers"

We are Sending Las Mañanitas to Selena Gomez on Her 19th Birthday (VIDEO)

For her 19th birthday HS News is sending Selena Gomez the traditional song sung on birthdays, Las Mañanitas. The Wizard of Waverly Place when interviewed by E! Entertainment said she wanted a quiet day with family and friends (not sure if that includes Justin Bieber) and some time at the beach. continue reading »

Jennifer Lopez Singing Away Her Woes with $1 Million Private Performance – WATCH IT (Video)

As Jennifer Lopez tries to recoup from her martial woes she agreed to give a private performance in the Ukraine for $1 million dollars. continue reading »

TV Star Wilmer Valderrama Returns to His Birthplace for an Emotional Trip in PASTPORT: VENEZUELA

Yet, few are aware that Wilmer Valderrama had very humble beginnings and comes from an extremely poor neighborhood in Venezuela — a place so dangerous, residents lock themselves in their homes by 5 o'clock to avoid the violence on the streets. continue reading »

G-Lo Becomes the Lord Of the Rings in San Fernando, CA

The comedian is footing the bill for the Championship rings for the San Fernando High School baseball team! continue reading »

Eva Longoria to Star in Horror Film ‘Tenement’

Eva Longoria will start work next month in a horror film by writer/director Franc.Reyes titled ‘Tenement’. While Longoria is best known for her work on Desperate Housewives, Reyes is known for his urban themed movies like Illegal Tender and Empire. continue reading »

Watch the Promo for Christina Aguilera’s New TV Show (VIDEO)

‘The Voice’ will feature Aguilera as one of four “coaches,” who judge performers solely on their voice, “in a kinder/gentler version of Idol.” continue reading »

Christmas and Immigration with Los Angeles’ Mayor to Be, George López (VIDEO)

Last week we brought you the top ten YouTube videos of 2010. George López had the very eloquent and talented creator of the number one video, Antoine Dodson to perform his idea of a sung Christmas Card. continue reading »