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Tag Results for "Latino Education"

Teachers’ Embrace of Diversity Key to Latino Immigrant Academic Success

Teachers and schools which value diversity have a big impact on the academic experiences of Latino immigrant children living in predominantly white communities. continue reading »

Children of U.S. Immigrants May Have Academic Edge

Their mental health is similar to children of native-born Americans, study also finds. Children of immigrants have advantages in academics and school participation, which could help them move toward adulthood more easily than children of people born in the United States, a new study finds. continue reading »

Scorned Former NYU Professor Suing James Franco for Defamation

Last year, José Angel Santana filed a lawsuit against New York University for allegedly firing him for giving actor James Franco a "D". After Santana gave his side of the story to various continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Education Rates for U.S. Latinos on the Rise

The Pew Hispanic Center recently reported that Hispanics are now the largest minority group on college campuses as well as in public schools. Colleges have seen a 20% increase in Hispanic students enrolling between 2010 and 11. continue reading »

MALDEF Announces Investigation Into New Mexico Minority Students’ Lagging Performance

At a conference held by New Mexico’s Latino Education Task Force, an attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) said his organization has launched an investigation into the state’s persistent low graduation rates and test scores among Hispanic students. continue reading »

It’s Back-To-School Time — For Adults

August is the time when parents across the country get their children ready for the new school year. It’s a good time to get the kids up to date with their immunizations, and to buy the supplies they need for school. In the rush to get everything ready for their kids, parents might forget that they might benefit from going back to school too. continue reading »

Mexican Immigrant Catalino Tapia Helps More Than 100 Latinos to Go to College

Mexican immigrant Catalino Tapia was a very young man when he came to California and started a gardening service, and then, aware of the importance of learning, continue reading »

Number of Hispanics Pursuing Ph.D.s Rises 161% from 2000 to 2010

According to information obtained from U.S. Census data, Hispanics with doctorates jumped 161 percent from 1990 to 2010. This number is almost double the non-Hispanic rate of 90 percent, according to the census data. continue reading »

Study Finds Immigrants Make Up About 23% of Undergraduates in U.S. Schools

According to a new study form the National Center of Education Statistics, roughly 23 percent of the approximately 22.3 million undergraduates in U.S. postsecondary schools during the 2007-08 school year were immigrants or were second-generation Americans with at least one immigrant parent. continue reading »

Mexico City’s Mobile Library Turning Heads and Expanding Minds

Earlier this year, a group called ALUMNOS47 launched a new idea in Mexico City. Among the increasing number of food trucks in the Mexican city, ALUMNOS47 has put its own truck on the streets, only this one is not meant to feed your stomach, but rather your mind. continue reading »

San Antonio Is Named A 2012 All-America City Based On Plan To Improve Third Grade Reading

San Antonio was named an All-America City by the National Civic League today based on its ambitious plan to ensure that more children are reading at grade level by the end of third grade. continue reading »

Univ. of Texas at Arlington Prepares Students for Spanish-Language Media Careers

A news program broadcast by the University of Texas at Arlington offers Hispanic students the chance to widen their knowledge of journalism and so prepares them for a career in the nation's Spanish-language media. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Schools to Teach Most Classes in English

English will gradually replace Spanish as the language taught in Puerto Rico's public schools under a 10-year plan due to enter into force later this summer, Education Secretary Edward Moreno Alonso told Efe Friday. continue reading »

Senators Say Yes to English in Puerto Rican Classrooms, but No to English-Only

Opposition Popular Democratic Party, or PPD, Sen. Juan Eugenio Hernandez Mayoral told Efe on Thursday that the English-only schooling that the administration of pro-statehood Gov. Luis Fortuño continue reading »

The Alignment Process

A project I am doing at work has me thinking. I am working on a curriculum project that I think of as an alignment process. In looking at individual courses, whether in grammar school or high school continue reading »

Boston to Ensure Equal Opportunities for English Language Learner Students

The Department of Justice and the Department of Education reached agreement with the Boston Public Schools (the district) and its superintendent today to ensure that English Language Learner (ELL) students in Boston receive the services and supports they need to overcome language barriers. continue reading »

Five Puerto Rican High School Students Prepare for National Science Bowl

Five students from Notre Dame High School in the San Juan suburb of Caguas will travel to Washington this week to represent Puerto Rico in the National Science Bowl. continue reading »

Aging by Dr. Ellen McMahon

Growing old is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of things that change whether you like it or not. Suddenly things that you took for granted as a constant are no longer there and that includes people! continue reading »

There are 4 Fundamental Topics that Interest Latinos: Immigration, Education, Health and Jobs

Understanding the six segments within the vast Hispanic population in the U.S. can be crucial in marketing and advertising, but can also help create a clearer picture of who may ultimately swing the vote in November. continue reading »

Forcing Bulbs

We are just entering spring and the last of my bulbs are blooming. From November to March I try to keep flowers blooming in my house. I think there is something very welcoming and homey about having plants blooming in the house in the winter. continue reading »