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Tag Results for "Latino Economics"

Coalition of Latinos Take on Carlos Slim in United States

Latino leaders from across the United States have formed a coalition dedicated to exposing Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, and the alleged predatory, monopolistic methods with which he has amassed his fortune. continue reading »

PEW:  Latinos Believe Economic Downturn Harder on Them than Other Groups

Pew Research Center has just concluded a national telephone survey of Latinos on the impact of the economic downturn. continue reading »

On America Recycles Day, It’s Time to Realize That Competitors Must Learn How to Collaborate

Tuesday is American Recycles Day, and every individual who recycles, or makes it their business to purchase recycled materials, is a hero. And here is a tale of recycling that highli continue reading »

Passwords Could Soon Be Obsolete - IBM Lists 5 Innovations it Expects in Next 5 Years

Technology is constantly narrowing the gap between science fiction and reality, bringing fundamental changes into our lives. According to IBM researchers, in five years we won’t need passwords, won’t be bothered by junk mail continue reading »