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Tag Results for "Latino Decisions Poll"

Latino Decisions Poll:  Latino Voters Highly Engaged in Upcoming Elections

The impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll latest results reveal a high level of interest and engagement by Latino voters in the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. continue reading »

LATINO DECISIONS:  President Obama Has Commanding Lead Amongst Colorado Latino Voters

President Barack Obama has the support of 69 percent of Latino voters in the swing state of Colorado, thought Republican rival Mitt Romney has gained on him in recent days among voters in general. continue reading »

Latino Decisions Poll: Obama Leading Romney Among Florida, Nevada Hispanic Voters

U.S. President Barack Obama is ahead of Republican rival Mitt Romney in Hispanic voter preference in the states of Florida and Nevada, according to a new poll by Latino Decisions for America's Voice. continue reading »

POLL: Romney Choosing Rubio for VP May Not Sway Latino Voters

According to a recent Latino Decisions poll, Florida voters’ likelihood of voting for presidential candidate Mitt Romney may not be swayed if he chooses U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to run as his Vice President. continue reading »

LATINO DECISIONS POLL:  President Obama’s Support Waning Amongst Latino Voters

The most recent poll of Latino voters reveals a continuing political problem for President Barack Obama, which he must address if he wants to get re-elected next year. The number of Latinos who are certain to vote for Obama in 2012 does not reach the level needed to, continue reading »

Recent Poll Shows Immigration Policy is Personal for Latinos

The most interesting trend from the June impreMedia/Latino Decisions (LD) poll is the personal relationship that the Latino community has with immigration policies. continue reading »