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Tag Results for "Latino Culture"

Mexicans Hurry to Aid the Tarahumara Upon Hearing False Reports They’re Committed Mass Suicide

Upon hearing that a number of proud Tarahumara indians in Mexico’s northern mountains were committing suicide rather than succumb to famine, Mexicans rushed aid to them. However, the story of mass suicides was not exactly true. continue reading »

The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

As all of you Latinos are welcoming in Hispanic Heritage Month I think I have found the ultimate way to embody Latin-ness and connection to the culture – a title. continue reading »

Spanish Love: Giving Up Billions for a Commoner that Looks Like Julio Iglesias

If you are in need of a feel good love story and are trying to figure out if money is more important than love & happiness (considering that none of us will have any thanks to Washington D.C) - I have a tale for you. continue reading »

From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction

Campaign Looks to Preserve Latino Culture With Help From Linda Ronstadt and Latino Youth (VIDEO)

Linda Ronstadt and other celebrities are lending their names, faces, and support to a new campaign intended to engage Latino youth in their culture and history by way of creative expression. continue reading »

Semillas Community Schools Offering Instruction in 4 Languages Launches Student Recruitment

Semillas Community Schools, a non-profit charter school founded upon an indigenous culture and knowledge based in East LA, today announced it will kick off its student recruitment campaign continue reading »

First Spanish Language Digital U.S. Bookstore is Launched

Barnes & Noble, Inc. launched NOOKbooks en espanol, the first-ever Spanish language digital bookstore in the United States. This initiative aims to be the best and fastest growing selection of Spanish titles, continue reading »

Does Finding God on my iPhone Mean I Won’t Go to Hell?

As one of 33 million Catholic Latinos in the U.S. I am well versed on the rosary, novenas, penance and the versatile uses of holy water when one is in hot water. And as an American born and raised in this country I am also well versed in looking for ways to do things more efficiently and quickly. continue reading »