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Tag Results for "Latino Cultural Commentary"

Geraldo Rivera: TSA Raped Me

Just when you thought Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was done shocking us (remember the hoodie comment) he flings another zinger. He bares his soul to tell us that he was ‘raped’ by a TSA agent that apparently “seemed to enjoy it.” continue reading »

The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

As all of you Latinos are welcoming in Hispanic Heritage Month I think I have found the ultimate way to embody Latin-ness and connection to the culture – a title. continue reading »

Tweet Jesus! El Papa aka The Pope Is Tweeting

I know the world is a mess and many believe it’s coming to an end especially when you watch the debt ceiling debate and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I know eerily similar). But when the Pope, revered and known throughout the Americas, as El Papa, starts Tweeting and sending TwitPics Dios Mio you KNOW it’s the end of the world. continue reading »