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Tag Results for "Latino 2012 Vote"

LATINO DECISIONS:  Solid Support for Obama in Florida Amongst Latino Voters

With the election less than two weeks away there has been a great deal of speculation about the Latino community’s support for President Obama, particularly in Florida. continue reading »

Check Out Rosie Perez on Mitt Romney as a Latino:  “Easier as a Latino?”  (VIDEO)

Check out actress Rosie Perez video on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hoping to be a Latino to win the election - it's quite insightful. continue reading »

Romney Cutting into Obama’s Lead Amongst Florida Latinos

The big advantage that President Barack Obama had enjoyed over his Republican challenger among Florida Hispanics has been reduced to 6.5 percentage points, according to a survey released Monday. continue reading »

Gutierrez Responds to Obama’s Statement that Not Passing Immigration Reform Has Been “Failure”

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL-4) issued the following statement reacting to two candidate forums conducted this week on Univision, the nation's largest Spanish-language network. On Thursday, President Obama stated that his "biggest failure" during his first term was being unable to enact comprehensive immigration reform that couples legal immigration reform, legalization for undocumented immigrants, and improved enforcement at the border and in the workplace. Rep. Gutierrez is the Chair of the Immigration Task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a national leader on the immigration reform issue. Rep. Gutierrez' statement: continue reading »

Sarah Silverman Tackles Voter ID Laws with PSA (Explicit)

Comedian Sarah Silverman has made a new PSA regarding the 2012 election and the Voter ID laws going into effect in certain states. continue reading »

Obama Confesses Lack of Immigration Reform has Been His “Biggest Failure”

Barack Obama said in Miami Thursday that his "biggest failure" as president has been the lack of progress on immigration reform and expressed regret for having been "naive" to think Republicans would work with him on the issue. continue reading »

Spaniard Surprised to Find his Face on “Hipsters For Obama” Buttons

A Spanish man was surprised to find that his image has been enlisted into U.S. President Barack Obama's campaign for a second term. continue reading »

Romney Claims his Campaign is for 100 Percent of Population After Damaging Videos Leak

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that his campaign is aimed at 100 percent of the U.S. population and added that he was convinced of his ability to redirect the economy to improve the quality of life for all. continue reading »

Recent Romney Videos Could be Detrimental to Obtaining the Latino Vote

The apparent ineptitude of Republican candidate Mitt Romney in saying that he would have a better chance of winning the U.S. presidency if he were of Mexican descent might well cost him the Hispanic vote he is trying to win in November. continue reading »

New Photo ID Laws Will Impact Voter Turnout Among Young Minorities

Election turnout among young people of color, including African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans, may drop by nearly 700,000 voters in states with new photo ID laws, a decline potentially impacting presidential contests in the battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania, according to a report released today by the Black Youth Project. continue reading »

Importance of the Latino Vote Highlighted at DNC

Hispanics have been in the spotlight more than ever at this week's Democratic National Convention, a sign that the Barack Obama campaign must attract more Latinos to the polls in November. continue reading »

Will 800 Latino Delegates Help Obama Win in November?

The Republican Party might be conveniently silent on the number of Latino delegates at their convention last week, not so the Democrats who are yelling from every rooftop: record number of Latino delegates are here in North Carolina. continue reading »

Activist Dolores Huerta, Latinos for Obama Promote Voter Registration in North Carolina

Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta urged North Carolina's Hispanics to register, vote and support President Barack Obama to "make the difference" in the November elections. continue reading »

NM Governor Susana Martinez Discusses Why She Left Democratic Party in RNC Speech (VIDEO)

With the 2012 Republican National Committee (RNC) Convention coming to a close, Hon. Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, gave a speech touching on her childhood in a border town to motivating future generations. Peppered with Spanish phrases such as "El sueno Americanos es tener exito," the first Hispanic female governor in history also discussed how she became a Republican. Here is an excerpt of her speech: continue reading »

More Latin Flavor to the Democratic Convention – Marc Anthony to Sing National Anthem

The 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) has announced that Marc Anthony will be singing the national anthem adding more Latin flavor to the upcoming convention. continue reading »

National Tequila Party to Protest at GOP Convention and Sheriff Arpaio’s Speech

The National Tequila Party Movement is set to leave Phoenix, Arizona, this Sunday, August 26, 2012, via the Freedom Riders for Immigrants. continue reading »

The 2012 Elections and Latino Civic Involvement

When Latino organizations open their conference plenaries with the Pledge of Allegiance and “The Star Spangled Banner,” I feel a tug in my heart, and tears well in my eyes. continue reading »

Hispanics Have Potential to Have Great Influence on Elections, Says Marc Anthony

Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony said in Miami that Hispanics could have a great influence on November's presidential election and told them it is "very important" that they get out and vote. continue reading »

Hispanic Leadership Network Encourages Greater Political Participation by Latinos

A conservative Hispanic organization is seeking to encourage Latinos to propose changes in politics and the public sector with an eye toward creating jobs and improving the economy. continue reading »

Giuliani Claims Romney Will Push For Immigration Reform if Elected

Immigration reform would be possible if Republican Mitt Romney wins the presidency, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Efe in an interview. continue reading »