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Tag Results for "Latin Culture"

Frida Kahlo’s Clothing to Go on Display in Mexican Museum

Famed artist Frida Kahlo was known, in part, for you colorful dresses. Those very dresses will soon be on display in Mexico thanks to the curators of the Kahlo’s “Blue House” in Mexico City. continue reading »

Archaeologists Uncover Tomb of Mayan Queen in Guatemala (VIDEO)

The tomb of a powerful seventh-century Maya queen was discovered at the El Peru-Waka site in the northwestern Guatemalan province of Peten, archaeologists said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexican Muralists Paint to Depict Crime-Ridden Neighborhoods

Around 100 inhabitants of a crime-ridden neighborhood of this metropolis in western Mexico have painted murals as a plea for greater security for their families. continue reading »

LatAm Hopes to Boost Regional Development by Focusing on Cultural Identities, Tradition

Latin American culture ministers are promoting an agenda based on strengthening their countries' identities and restoring their traditions as a fundamental element of regional development. continue reading »

Hispanics Using Spanish Scrabble as Educational Tool

A Hispanic group in Texas is promoting the Spanish-language version of the popular word game Scrabble. continue reading »

A Cautionary Tale of Latin Love Gone Very Wrong

It was never suppose to end this way for the Oxford-trained, distinguished professor of physics and astronomy. It was hopes of love that drove Paul Frampton to Latin America in January of this year. continue reading »