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Tag Results for "Latin Cuisine"

Masa Spreader

Tamale masa spreader- latin kitchen continue reading »

Rodillo de Madera - Rolling Pin

Rodillo de Madera Grande / Wooden Rolling Pin continue reading »

Tostonera - (Plantain Press)

Bamboo Plantain Press Tostonera, Tostonera for pressing plantains or dough continue reading »

Huarache Press - Cast Iron

The Huarache press makes making Huaraches a lot easier and with a out a mess. Huarache is a popular Mexican dish consisting of an oblong, fried masa base, with a variety of toppings. continue reading »

Terra Cotta Flan Dishes

The ideal single-serving size for an authentic Spanish Flan. They also make a great presentation for serving yogurt at brunch! continue reading »

Lemon/Lime Squeezer

The ideal tool for squeezing and juicing any citrus fruit continue reading »

Tamale Steamer

This 15.5 Quart pot is constructed of low carbon steel with glass coating and is perfect for cooking tamales and menudoes. Comes with steamer insert. continue reading »

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Made entirely out of cast iron, the quality of the tortilla press is impeccably durable, as well as delivering a completely flattened tortilla with every press. continue reading »

Churro Maker

Easy to clean, Hand-operated churrera. Make your Churros fresh for your Spanish style cocoa. continue reading »

Metate y Mano

A large tool usually made of stone or lava rock. It consists of a large stone surface, slightly concave, sitting on 3 short legs. It is usually about the size of a large, rectangular platter. There is a large cylinder of stone that is rolled on the surface to grind or mix the items placed on it. continue reading »


The Comal is ideal for heating tortillas (its concave shape heats the tortilla evenly) and roasting chilies and other vegetables. continue reading »

Tortillero - Tortilla Basket

Palm Tortilla Warmer - Tortillero - Tortilla Basket continue reading »