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Tag Results for "Latin Cooking"


The Comal is ideal for heating tortillas (its concave shape heats the tortilla evenly) and roasting chilies and other vegetables. continue reading »

Tortillero - Tortilla Basket

Palm Tortilla Warmer - Tortillero - Tortilla Basket continue reading »

Wooden Molinillo

This hand-carved Molinillo from Mexico will create the warm and chocolaty beverage you've been looking for. Simply twist the wooden Molinillo between the palms of your hands while placed in a pot of hot chocolate, pour the frothy cocoa into your favorite mug and enjoy. continue reading »

Pig-Shaped Lava Stone Molcajete

Pig-Shaped Lava Stone Molcajete continue reading »

Chile Pepper Seeder

Chile pepper seeder continue reading »