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Tag Results for "Latin American"

Latin America News:  Peru Seeking to Become World’s #1 Copper Producer

In Latin America news, Peru is seeking to becoming the world's number one producer of copper and see that it can accomplish that goal in the next 10 to 15 years. Currently Peru is the second largest producer of copper behind Chile continue reading »

Latin America News:  VZ Supreme Court Endorses Delaying Hugo Chavez Inauguration

Venezuela's Supreme Court endorsed on Wednesday the government's position that ailing President Hugo Chavez can delay his swearing-in for another term without creating a constitutional vacuum. continue reading »

Average Mexican Male-5’4” 165#, Female-5’2” 151# (Less than Mexican-Americans)

The average Mexican man weighs 74.8 kilograms (165 pounds) and stands 1.64 meters (5 feet 4 1/2 inches) tall, while the median figures for Mexican women are 68.7 kilos (151 pounds) and 1.58 meters (5 feet 2 inches), according to a study released by a group representing Mexico's clothing industry. continue reading »

UN Launches Appeal to Help Victims of Nicaraguan Floods

The United Nations and Nicaragua launched a flash appeal today for $14.3 million to provide shelter, food, water and sanitation, and agricultural livelihoods to those affected by the floods that have ravaged large parts of the country for the past three weeks. continue reading »

Gadhafi and Ortega Share More Than a Desire to Stay in Power

In an announcement made yesterday by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega‚Äôs wife Rosario Murillo, Father Miguel Descoto Brockmann will represent Libyan interests at the UN. continue reading »

10-Year-old Bolivian Girl rescues Baby in Floodwaters

A 10-year-old Bolivian girl saved a baby as the child was being swept away in floodwaters. More than 60 homes were destroyed as the floods ran through a mining village north of La Paz continue reading »

Argentina Surpasses Brazil as the world’s Largest Exporter of Soccer Players

Many are not happy with this development in Argentina as it leaves a void in the local game market. With the players being considered assets, they can be sold off for various reasons such as paying down club debt. continue reading »

Catholic Hugo Chávez to Rule Venezuela From a Muslim Bedouin Tent - What?

President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez announced Friday that he will be moving into a tent, so flood victims can use his own office as a shelter. continue reading »

Glacier Melting in Chile and Argentina Spurs Warning

A report presented this week at the UN Climate change talks in Cancun Mexico warns that glaciers in Chile and Argentina are melting at the fastest rate. This is likely to have a significant impact on the amount of water available to the drier regions of Chile and Argentina where they have low amounts of rainfall. continue reading »

Catholic Bishops Oppose Ortega’s Reelection Bid in Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega’s push to stay in power using a contested interpretation of the Constitution has many citizens crying foul. Mr. Ortega’s critics charge that he is disrespecting the constitution by having his supporter’s rule to make an exception continue reading »

Largest Asian-Latin American Business Forum Underway

A thousand government officials and business executives from Latin America and the Caribbean, China, Japan and Korea participated today in the opening session of the China-LAC Business Forum with high-ranking Chinese authorities and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) executives. continue reading »