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Tag Results for "Latin American News"

President Obama Denies Neglecting Latin America During First Term

U.S. President Barack Obama denied Thursday - contrary to what many of his critics contend - that he has neglected Latin America and said that his administration has been "very aggressive" in trying to broaden relations with the region. continue reading »

As Brazil’s Obese and Overweight Population Grows, Laws Call for Public Accommodation

As Brazil’s overweight and obese population grows, the country is making an interesting change. With a roughly half of the Brazilian population overweight and around 15 percent obese, Brazil’s regional gov continue reading »

Mexico’s President-Elect Vows to Reduce Poverty

President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto said in an address to political and business leaders that he planned to focus on reducing the poverty that afflicts 52 million Mexicans and to boost gross domestic product growth, which has averaged 2.4 percent annually over the past three decades. continue reading »

Dam Work Continues at Brazilian Amazon Site After Court Ruling Reversed

Work on what will be the world's third-largest dam resumed on Tuesday after Brazil's Supreme Court reversed a ruling by another tribunal that put a temporary halt to the controversial project. continue reading »

Brazilian Army Officer Killed in Peru After Parachuting From Plane During Training

An officer in the Brazilian army was killed Tuesday in southern Peru's Ica region when he parachuted from an airplane during training, the Peruvian army said in a communique. continue reading »

Half of Guatemala’s Maize Crop for 2012 Lost to Drought

The drought that has affected most of Guatemala in 2012 ruined half of this year's crops of the two main staples, maize and beans, the agriculture ministry said in a report released Thursday. continue reading »

BioMuseo in Panama is Award-Winning Architect’s First in Latin America

World-renowned architect Frank Gehry has designed his first museum in Latin America, and the structure itself is worthy of being in the museum as well. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada California, Gehry i continue reading »

Nicaraaguan Patients to be Treated by California Doctors for Free

A group of 100 health professionals affiliated with the International Medical Alliance are traveling from California to spend 10 days treating very low-income patients in Nicaragua. Antonio Gonzalez, a dental surgeon with the IMA, told Efe that an initial continue reading »

Cuban Opposition Activists Arrested During Fellow Dissident’s Funeral

Several opposition activists were detained Tuesday as prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, who died last weekend in a traffic accident, was buried in Havana's Colon Cemetery. continue reading »

Four Alleged Thieves Killed by Guatemalan Mob

Four accused robbers were killed by a mob in an indigenous community in northwestern Guatemala, authorities said Tuesday. The incident took place after midnight continue reading »

City in Peru Named ‘Time+Leisure’ Magazine’s Top City in Latin America

Each year, Travel+Leisure magazine rate the best cities in Latin America and this year a Peruvian city moved up the list to take the top spot. Coming in at number two on last year’s list, the city of Cusco climbed to the top of continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Venezuela on Your 201st Year of Independence

Today all of Venezuela is celebrating and rejoicing its 201-year old independence from Spain. Christopher Columbus sailed along the eastern coast of Venezuela on his third voyage in 1498, the only one of his four voyages to reach the South American mainland. The Spanish arrived in full force in the 1500's and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region, converted the natives to Christianity and enslaved native populations while pillaging the country's gold mines. continue reading »

Bolivia: President Morales Offers to Increase Policemen’s Pay to Avoid Mutiny

President Evo Morales offered Friday to increase the pay of thousands of mutinous cops who sacked a police building 100 meters (yards) from the presidential palace. continue reading »

UN Official Implores Colombia to Fight Impunity For Sexual Violence Crimes

Colombia must increase its efforts to fight impunity for crimes of sexual violence, a United Nations envoy said today, adding that such efforts should be paired with assistance to survivors and victims. continue reading »

Exploration of 2 Sites in Bolivia May Lead to Gas Reserves Discovery

Spanish energy major Repsol has signed agreements with Bolivian state-owned firm YPFB to study the potential of two hydrocarbon prospects - one in the eastern part of the country and another in the Andean region. continue reading »

Over Fifty-Thousand People Came to U.S. as Refugees in 2011, Cuba Leads from aLatin American Country

The U.S. provides refuge to persons who have been persecuted or have a well-founded fear of persecution through two programs: one for refugees and one for asylees, both allow for the affected person and their immediate relatives to be allowed into U.S. continue reading »

4 Arrested In Connection With Massacre in Mexico Have Link to “Los Zetas” Cartel

Police in the western Mexican state of Jalisco have arrested four suspects in the massacre of 18 people whose bodies were found this week outside the city of Guadalajara, officials said. continue reading »

Nicaragua Crowns its Miss Gay 2012

Nicaragua crowned its Miss Gay, the queen of the transvestites, in its annual Miss Gay Nicaragua competition held at the Ruben Dario National Theater. continue reading »

Prostitute Suing U.S. Embassy in Brasilia After Marines and Embassy Staff Push Her from Car

The U.S. government in once again faced with accusations that those under their command have engaged in inappropriate conduct with prostitutes in Latin America. continue reading »

President Obama Focuses on Economic and Trade Issues at Summit of the Americas

U.S. President Barack Obama called Saturday for a "new era" of mutually beneficial relations with Latin America while repeating that Cuba must progress toward democracy and saying that he is open to discussions about the war on drugs but not to their legalization. continue reading »