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Tag Results for "Latin American News"

Multiple Car Accident in Southern Brazil Kills 9

At least nine people died and another was injured in a collision of two private vehicles in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, the regional fire department said on Saturday. continue reading »

U.S., Mexico Conduct Prisoner Exchange

Mexico and the United States swapped 27 convicts to have them continue serving their sentences in their own countries, as a result of bilateral cooperation on the execution of prison sentences, Mexico's Attorney General's Office said. continue reading »

Mexican Navy Takes Down Organized Crime’s Communication Network

Mexico's navy said it dismantled a radio communications network used by organized crime to report the movements of the armed forces and police. continue reading »

Paraguayan Rebels Say Group is “Armed Wing” of Country’s Poor

The purported commander of the shadowy Army of the Paraguayan People, or EPP, said in a video that his small group is the "armed wing" of the Paraguayan poor and called for the elimination of private property in the impoverished South American country. continue reading »

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles in Tight Presidential Race

Rafael Delgado, director of the pollster Varianzas, carried out a study about the electoral campaign in Venezuela, along with the last two polls. continue reading »

Wealthy Guatemalan Businessman Killed in Helicopter Crash

Wealthy businessman Jose Habie was killed Friday when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in the Guatemalan capital, authorities said. The 56-year-old Habie, who owned textile plants and a five-star hotel in Guatemala City, died of multiple traumatic injuries while trapped amid the wreckage of the chopper, paramedics told the media. continue reading »

U.S. Considering to Terminate 1996 Tomato Accord with Mexico

The United States is leaning toward scrapping a 1996 tomato accord with Mexico that has provoked complaints from growers in Florida, the Commerce Department said. continue reading »

Chevron Pays $17 Million Fine for Oil Spill in Brazil

U.S. oil supermajor Chevron Corp. said it has paid the 35.1 million reais ($17 million) fine imposed by Brazil's ANP regulator for an oil spill last November. continue reading »

Nobel Prize Winner Jody Williams Stands With Mexico’s “Caravan for Peace”

The Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity demanded an end to the drug war in the capital of the nation that launched the war. After setting off from AFL-CIO headquarters where the nation's largest federation of unions saluted its efforts, the caravan planted itself in front of the White House, then proceeded to Freedom Plaza. continue reading »

Argentina Seeks Energy Partnership with China

Argentina's planning minister sought Thursday to attract Chinese interest in his country's ambitious energy program, which includes plans to build a large hydroelectric complex in 2013 and two nuclear reactors. continue reading »

Mexican Government Neglecting Incarcerated, Prison System

Inmates in Mexico's corrections system have been effectively abandoned by the government, a crisis reflected in frequent breakouts and fights and "self-governance" by prison gangs, the independent National Human Rights Commission said. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident Accuses Government of Smear Campaign

Former political prisoner Marta Beatriz Roque on Wednesday said that Cuba's Communist government "is using low and dirty methods" to discredit the opposition and confuse public opinion. continue reading »

Soon-to-Be Former Pres. Calderon Says Mexico is “Better Neighborhood”

Felipe Calderon, due to step down as president of Mexico on Nov. 30, said here Monday that he will be leaving behind "a stronger nation and a better neighbor." The outgoing head of state addresse continue reading »

Will Playboy Send Their Beer, Wine to Brazil?

Now that Playboy Enterprises Inc. is selling both beer and wine, the magazine is apparently considering selling their beer in Brazil. ‘We are pursuing business opportunities in categories that emulate the Playboy lifestyle, continue reading »

Mexico: State Officials Killed in Nuevo Laredo

Three public safety officials were found murdered in northern Mexico, the Tamaulipas state Attorney General's Office said Thursday. The bodies were discovered shortly after 11:00 p.m. Wednes continue reading »

Brazil Plans to Auction Off New Oil Blocks in May 2013

Brazil is planning an auction of new oil and gas exploration and production blocks for May 2013, although that long-delayed round will depend on prior approval of a new regulatory framework, Mines and Energy Minister Edison Lobao s continue reading »

Costa Rica Estimates 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Left $45 M in Damage

The magnitude-7.6 earthquake that rocked Costa Rica on Sept. 5 caused damage estimated at $45 million, President Laura Chinchilla said Tuesday. She told a press confer continue reading »

Fidel’s Son Says Castro is “Lucid and Working Hard”

The eldest son of former Cuban President Fidel Castro told Efe on Monday that his father is "lucid and working hard," despite having made no public appearance for several months. continue reading »

Planet Pulp Ushers Into the USA- Six Refreshing Flavors For Any Occasion

Paraguay’s famous Planet Pulp now bottled and sold in the United States! Whether it's a backyard barbeque, a day on the golf course, or just a little break at t continue reading »

Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Says There is “No Doubt” Lawmakers Took Bribes

Members of Congress traded votes for money during the first two years of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's 2003-2011 tenure as president, one of the judges in Brazil's corruption "trial of the century" said Monday. continue reading »