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Tag Results for "Latin America News"

Frida Kahlo Inspires Mexican Designer Rolando Santana’s Collection

Mexican designer Rolando Santana used the runways at New York Fashion Week to create an ode to femininity, unveiling a colorful collection inspired by iconic artist Frida Kahlo. continue reading »

Hundreds of Protestors Arrested at Demonstration Marking 40 Year Anniversary of Coup

The disturbances that broke out in Santiago and other cities as Chile marked the 40th anniversary of the military coup that toppled Socialist President Salvador Allende left scores of people hurt, 264 others under arrest, more than a dozen vehicles torched and about 200,000 households without electricity, Interior Minister Andres Chadwick said Thursday. continue reading »

Leftist Politician Killed in Southern Mexico

A Oaxaca state legislator, who was also a teacher and mayor-elect of the city of San Andres Cabecera Nueva, was gunned down while eating at a restaurant, Mexican prosecutors said Wednesday. continue reading »

Mexico Sees $8.3 Billion in Revenues from Foreign Tourists

Revenues from international tourists totaled $8.3 billion in the January-July period, up 7.2 percent compared to the same period in 2012, the Mexican Tourism Secretariat said. continue reading »

LatAm’s Economic Growth Depends on Investments in Infrastructure

Investment in badly needed infrastructure will enable Latin America to continue growing even as the region's raw materials boom begins to subside, Latin American and Chinese experts said here Wednesday. continue reading »

Filmmaker Saul Landau Known for Castro Documentary Dies, Age 77

Writer and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Saul Landau has died of cancer at his home in California, his family said Wednesday. He was 77. continue reading »

Mudslide Kills 14 in Eastern Mexico

The death toll from a mudslide in a mountainous area in the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz has risen to 14, with eight children among the dead, emergency management officials said. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Release First Body of Kidnapped Youths

The first body belonging to a victim of the May 26 mass kidnapping at a Mexico City bar has been released to relatives, the Federal District Attorney's Office said. continue reading »

Happiest Latin American Countries

Recently, the World Happiness Report was released by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Using data acquired by the Gallup World Poll, 150 countries were ranked by happiness. Five Latin American countries were named in the top 25. continue reading »

Controversial Dragon Mart Get Construction Start Date

The Quintana Roo state supreme court ordered officials in the city of Benito Juarez, where Cancun is located, to issue building permits to Dragon Mart's developers. continue reading »

Arena Mexico Displays Exhibit Celebrating 80 Years of Wrestling

A new photography exhibit celebrates eight decades of wrestling at Mexico City's Arena Mexico. The exhibit, "Arena Mexico: 80 Years of Continuous Wrestling," features 124 photographs that tell the story of the venerable venue and the men who have grappled there. continue reading »

Mudslide Kills 3 in Mexico

At least three members of a family, including two children, were killed when a mudslide buried several dwellings in a mountainous area in the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz, emergency management officials said Tuesday. continue reading »

Cemex to Improve Nicaraguan Infrastructure with $40 Million Highway

Cemex, one of the world's top cement companies, said it was part of a consortium that won a $40 million contract to build a 31-kilometer (19-mile) stretch of highway in Nicaragua. continue reading »

Over 300,000 Public School Teachers on Strike in Colombia

Public school teachers in Colombia went on a nationwide strike Tuesday to protest what they describe as the government's failure to keep its promises to their union. continue reading »

Liquor Store Armed Standoff Leaves 11 Dead, 18 Wounded in Guatemala

A violent standoff in Guatemala at a San Jose Nacahuil liquor store has left 11 dead and 18 others injured. Authorities say they do not know the cause of the armed standoff. San Jose Nacahuil is located some 16 miles north of the capital city of Guatemala City. continue reading »

Former Pinochet Lieutenant Sued in Florida for Torture, Death of Victor Jara

The Center for Justice and Accountability ("CJA") and pro-bono counsel Chadbourne & Parke, LLP ("Chadbourne") today announced that they have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the surviving family members of Chilean folk singer and social icon Victor Jara, who was imprisoned, tortured and executed in Chile during the early days of the brutal military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet on September 11, 1973. continue reading »

Gunmen Kill 11 in Guatemalan Indian Village

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen others, including three children, were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a liquor store in San Jose Nacahuil, an Indian community in central Guatemala, officials said Sunday. continue reading »

CENSUS: 21 Percent of Married-Couple Households Have at Least One Foreign-Born Spouse

The U.S. Census Bureau reported today that 11.4 million married-couple households, or 21 percent of all married-couple households in America in 2011, had at least one spouse born in another country. About 13 percent (7.3 million) of households had two foreign-born spouses, and 7 percent (4.1 million) had one native-born and one foreign-born spouse. continue reading »

Mexico Hopes to Expand Tourism Market to Russian Tourists

Russia's largest tour companies are looking at ways to promote Mexican destinations among Russian travelers, the Tourism Secretariat said. Tourism Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu made progress during a tour of Russia in opening that market for Mexico, the secretariat said in a statement. continue reading »

Mexico to Receive $600 Million in Financing for Opportunities Program

The well-known Mexican human development program Opportunities will receive $600 million in new financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to strengthen the development of human capital in education, nutrition, and health in poor families with the aim of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty and guaranteeing a minimum income to vulnerable households. continue reading »