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Tag Results for "Latin America News"

Hispanic? Latino? Is There a Preference?

Roberto R. Ramirez, head of the ethnicity and ancestry branch of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Division, says, “They are considered interchangeable,” by the Census. continue reading »

SAD Footage of Braziilan Woman Trying to Save Herself and Her Dog from Floods, Dog Perishes (VIDEO)

Too sad for words as a Brazilian woman who has lost her home and all her possessions tries to save herself and her small dog from the ravages of the floods overwhelming the country. As she is rescued the dog slips out of her hand, as she is lifted to safety - her cries for her dogs are just gut wrenching. continue reading »

Honduras Bus Shooting Leaves 8 Dead, All Women and Children, and Others Wounded

Honduran officials are reporting a bloody attack on one of their minibus transportation vehicles that left 8 dead and 3 wounded. continue reading »

Assistant Secretary Valenzuela to Travel to Argentina and Chile

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo A. Valenzuela is traveling to Argentina and Chile from January 9 to 15. The purpose of his trip is to deepen relations with these key regional partners. continue reading »

1.5 Million Flee after Chile 7.1 Quake

More than 1.5 million people have been displaced in Chile as they seek higher ground, abandoning some shopping centers completely. In Concepcion, the mayor said that 100 people were trapped under a building that had collapsed according to Reuters. continue reading »

Gay Weddings a Boom to Argentina’s Economy

Argentina is seeing businesses catering to same-sex weddings booming and more being created everyday. Since the country, the first in Latin America, legalized same-sex marriages five months ago it is seeing hundreds of gay couples taking their vows and sparing no expense to do so. continue reading »

El Salvador Most Water-Stressed Country in Latin America

According to recent studies like the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) El Salvador will be the most water-stressed country in Central America in the future. continue reading »

MTV Latinoamerica Promotes Road Safety-Car Accidents in Region Leading Cause of Death Amongst Youth

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and MTV Latinoamérica announced that they have joined with the young Colombian singer Marre to promote a road safety message continue reading »

According to Literary Experts the Next Great Literary Talent May Hail From Latin America

London based 'Granta,' considered one of the most prestigious literary magazines has been a several decade long history of writing about and often discovering and thrusting into the limelight some of the world's biggest names in literature. But for the winter issue this year, the editors turned away from Britain and America and focused on Spain and Latin America, dedicating the Christmas issue to the best new writing emerging from the Latin and Hispanic world. continue reading »

Chile’s Beaches Officially Opened for Summer - So Are We on the Wrong Side of the Equator?

As the U.S. lives through another day of winter freeze and snow and Chile officially opens all its 750 beaches - we must ask: "Are we on the wrong side of the Equator?" continue reading »

Immigration Deports Dominican Wanted for Murder

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Wednesday removed a Dominican national, wanted in the Dominican Republic for first degree murder. continue reading »

Latin America and Caribbean Nations Expected to See 6% Economic Growth This Year

The economies of Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to grow by six per cent in 2010 as a result of the recovery posted by many countries in the region, according to an annual United Nations report released today. continue reading »

Leaders of Colombian Drug Trade Found Guilty in U.S. Court

Christian Fernando Borda and Alvaro Alvaran-Velez, two narcotics traffickers aligned with the Autodefenses Unidas de Colombia (AUC), were found guilty late last week in U.S. District Court continue reading »

UN Climate Conference in Mexico Ends – World Forests are the Clear Winners

The United Nations climate change talks in Cancún have concluded with a package of decisions to help countries advance towards a low-emissions future, delivering what the world body's continue reading »

Latin American Exports Projected to Grow by 29% in 2010

Latin American exports to the world grew by a projected 29 percent in 2010, to approximately $853 billion, reversing a 23 percent fall in 2009, according to preliminary estimates by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Integration and Trade Sector continue reading »

UN in Colombia to Aid with Flood Emergency Response

United Nations agencies have mobilized nearly $6 million to support efforts by the Colombian Government to respond to the humanitarian needs of those affected by the heavy rainfall that has caused floods and landslides in the South American country. continue reading »

Panama Canal Closes Due to Flooding – Third Time Ever in Its History

Panamanian officials, for the third time in 96 years, have closed the Panama Canal due to local river flooding. The last time the canal closed was 1989 continue reading »

$165 Million to Modernize Colombia’s Leading Airport

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of a loan for up to $165 million for a project to modernize and expand Bogota’s El Dorado international airport, Colombia’s leading air terminal. continue reading »

U.S. Officials Travel to South America to Discuss Trade and Security Issues

United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns is traveling to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil today through December 13. The purpose of his trip is to expand relations with key regional partners. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Luxury Cruise Ship Survives its “Own Perfect Storm” near Argentina (VIDEO)

One of the most elegant expedition vessels operating in Antarctica, the Clelia II, was disabled when a 30 foot wave hit it. The ship was returning to Argentina amidst heavy seas when the wave surged and took out windows and power. continue reading »