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Tag Results for "Latin America News"

Galapagos Islands’ Residents Encouraged to Discover Wildlife

The recent discovery of a rare fish species by residents of the Galapagos Islands marks the latest in a series of finds by inhabitants of the famed Ecuadorian archipelago, who are to be further encouraged in their efforts by a government-sponsored "Citizen Science" program. continue reading »

Guatemalan Refugees Living in Mexico Agree to Repatriation

The villagers from the Guatemalan community of Nueva Esperanza who took refuge in southern Mexico in 2011 reached an agreement with their country's government to be repatriated on Feb. 28, non-governmental organizations reported Tuesday. continue reading »

10-Year Old Guatemalan Boy Suspect in Murder of Taxi Driver

Guatemala authorities are responding to the second 'child assassin' in just a week, here a 10-year-old boy shot and killed a cab driver without apparent provocation. continue reading »

In Latin America News: Mexico Telecom Industry Grew 13.6% in 2012

In Latin America news Mexico's telecom industry posted its healthiest grow in four year. Mexican telecommunications grew by 13.6% last year due in great part to wireless and satellite television. continue reading »

‘National Gendarmerie’ Mexico’s New Police Force Starts Operating End of Year

Mexico is launching its new national police force later this year with 10,000 officers in what will be called the National Gendarmerie. continue reading »

In Latin America News: Peru Building Sports and Community Centers in Poorest Areas

The government plans to spend nearly $39 million to construct sports facilities, community centers and bridges in Peru's poorest areas, President Ollanta Humala said. continue reading »

Police Shootout in Coahuila Leaves 4 Dead

In Mexico news, authorities are reporting police engaged gunmen after being fired on in Coahuila, Mexico. The gun battle left four of the gunmen dead, it is suspected they are escaped prisoners continue reading »

In Latin America News:  Costa Rica Constructing $96M Oil Terminal

In Latin America news, Costa Rica is beginning the construction of a new $96 million oil terminal to handle larger oil tankers at the port. continue reading »

Over a Thousand Iberia Flights Cancelled as Labor Strike Looms Closer

Spanish airline carrier Iberia has canceled 1,300 flights as the planned labor strikes loom closer. The strikes called for from March 4-8 and 18-22 are a result of layoffs and restructuring. continue reading »

Armed Men Kidnap Italian Businessman in Central Mexico

In Mexico news, Mexican authorities in the town of Amecameca are reporting the kidnapping of an Italian businessman by armed gunmen last Saturday while he was dining. continue reading »

Mexico Slaughters 2.1 Million Chickens Exposed to Bird Flu

In Latin America news Mexico authorities have slaughtered over 2 million chickens that have been exposed to the bird flu. The outbreak is contained in the state of Guanajuato continue reading »

Latin America News: Brazilian Economy Expected to Grow by 3.1% in 2013

Economists at Brazil's leading banks predict that Latin America's largest economy will grow by 3.1 percent in 2013, according to the results from the central bank's latest weekly survey. continue reading »

Drastic Overhaul of Mexico’s Education System Signed in Law Today

Today in Mexico news, President Enrique Peña Nieto signed into law sweeping changes to the way the country's education system is run. The laws will mandate equality and put the government back in charge of schools. continue reading »

No Puerto Rican Public Jobs in Danger in Light to Potential Sequester

In Latin America news, Puerto Rican officials have announced they will not layoffs public employees even if the automatic spending cuts occurs later this week. No Puerto Rican jobs in dangers due to sequester continue reading »

Latin America News: Peru National Police Fire 498 of Their Own

In Latin America news, Peru's national police fired 498 police officers including police chiefs and senior officers, all in an effort to eliminate corruption and affiliations with narcos. continue reading »

13 and 15-Year Old Guatemalan Girls Arrested for Carrying Out a Contract Killing

In Latin America news two teen girls were arrested in Guatemala City for carrying out what authorize believe is a contract killing. The unidentified girls killed a 20-year-male in the La Florida district. continue reading »

Latin America News: Brazil’s Telefonica Profits Rise

In Latin America business news Brazil's Telefonica posted a profit of 2.1 percent from a year ago. Telefonica is the country's wireless communication leader. continue reading »

Raul Castro Set to Retire But Not for Another Five Years

In Latin America news, 81-year-old Cuban President Raul Castro announced his retirement from office effective in 5-years when his current terms end. Castro was just re-elected to another term this weekend. continue reading »

Woman’s Pet in Dominican Republic Found to be Rare and Endangered Solenodon

A woman in Dominican Republic was found to have the rare and endangered solenodon as a house pet. The nocturnal solenodon lives in caves but was kept tied to a banana tree, now is at National Zoo. continue reading »

Mayoral Candidate Gunned Down in Mexico

In Mexico news, Mayoral candidate, David Carrasco Carnero, was shot at least five times. Carnero was running for office in Julimes a city in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. He is a PAN candidate continue reading »