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Tag Results for "Latin America News"

Mexican Priest Activist Criticizes Police Focus on Migrants

The Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, who is known for his work with Central American migrants, said during a conference in Mexico City that he was concerned about the government's increasing emphasis on policing in its immigration policy. continue reading »

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Candidate for Nobel Peace Prize

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is one of 259 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize due to his willingness to strike a peace accord with the country’s largest guerilla group. continue reading »

Carromero Says Government Car Responsible for Crash That Killed Cuban Dissident

The Spaniard who was at the wheel for the car crash that resulted in the death of prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya said a vehicle bearing official insignia caused the wreck. continue reading »

Mexican Reporter Lydia Cacho to be Named to French Legion of Honor

France plans to name Lydia Cacho, one of Mexico's most prominent reporters, a Knight of the Legion of Honor on Friday, the French Embassy in Mexico City said. continue reading »

Teachers Union Takes to the Streets to Protest Education, Labor Reform in Mexico

Thousands of members of the CNTE teachers union took to the streets of Mexico City and other cities to protest government plans to reform the educational system and labor regulations. continue reading »

Spanish Paleontologist Questions Beginnings of Modern Humans

Recent discoveries show that early humans were in Western Europe at least 1.4 million years ago and raise questions about the accepted view of how modern humans originated, a Spanish paleontologist said here. continue reading »

Lesbian Partner Denied Right to Adopt Partner’s Child Appeals to Puerto Rico’s Highest Court

The woman who was denied the right to adopt her partner’s child, that they are raising, has appealed the Puerto Rico Supreme Courts decision today. continue reading »

Mexico and New Zealand Leaders Celebrate 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is the first head of state to pay a visit to Mexico's new President Enrique Peña Nieto. Key and the Mexican president discussed expanding trade between regions. continue reading »

Venezuelans Prepare for State Funeral and Official Mourning for Hugo Chavez

Venezuelans are preparing to officially mourn for their fallen President Hugo Chavez and prepare for a state funeral on Friday. Vice President Nicolas Maduro will serve as interm President for 30 days until elections. continue reading »

REPORT:  Mexico Making Progress in Its Battle Against Heroin and Synthetic Drug Cultivation

Mexico, the country most affected by drug-related violence, is making significant progress in battling heroin and synthetic drugs, the International Narcotics Control Board, or INCB, said in its annual report. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Set to Prosecute Powerful Union for Embezzling $157 Million

Mexican authorities are set to try former union powerhouse and head of Mexico's teacher's unioin, Elba Esther Gordillo, on embezzlement and racketeering charge to the tune of $157 million. continue reading »

Spanish King Begins Rehabilitation Exercises After Surgery

Spain's King Juan Carlos began rehabilitation exercises on Tuesday, while the operation for a herniated disc that he underwent last weekend continues to mend "in a positive way," doctors said Tuesday. continue reading »

Former Chilean Dictator Pinochet Financed by Brazil Say Newly Released Documents

Secret documents dating from Brazil's 1964-1985 military government reveal that the junta gave loans amounting to $115 million to the regime of Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper said Tuesday. continue reading »

Hispanic Standout: Dr. Alejandro Berenstein and the Vascular Birthmark Institute

Dr. Alejandro Berenstein and the Vascular Birthmark Institute are making all the difference in the world for a 2-year-old Dominican boy. Joel de la Rosa is getting a facial malformation fixed thanks to Berenstein and the Healing the Children organization. continue reading »

Mayor in Paraguay Gunned Down Five Years After his Predecessor His Brother Also Gunned Down

The mayor of the southeastern Paraguayan town of Jose Leandro Oviedo was shot to death on Tuesday, a little more than five years after his brother, who preceded him in the office, died in similar circumstances. continue reading »

Multiple FARC Bombings Leave Colombian Port City without Water or Power

In Latin America news, multiple FARC guerilla bombings in the port city of Tumaco have left its residents without water or power. The bombings are coming during a break in peace talks between the guerilla movement and Colombian government. continue reading »

Venezuela Expels Alleged U.S. Military Spy Out of Country

In Latin America news, the Venezuelan government has expelled an alleged U.S. spy, Col. David del Monaco and his "assistant', both men were given 24-hours to leave country. Venezuelan authorities believe del Monaco was spying on the country's military and then trying to 'destabilize' the army. continue reading »

Mexican Government Seizes Hundreds of Thousands Natural Food Supplements Promising False Cures

In Latin America news, Mexican authorities have seized over 500,000 natural food supplements that make false claims on their curing ability. These products are promising consumers anything from a cure to cancer to curing diabetes. continue reading »

Murder Investigation Underway for Venezuelan Indigenous Leader Sabino Romero

In Latin America news, Venezuelan authorities are undertaking a murder investigation into the shooting death of Yukpa indigenous leader Sabino Romero, who was killed Sunday. Romero is critical in the struggle for fair land distribution for indigenous people. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Peru Seeking to Become World’s #1 Copper Producer

In Latin America news, Peru is seeking to becoming the world's number one producer of copper and see that it can accomplish that goal in the next 10 to 15 years. Currently Peru is the second largest producer of copper behind Chile continue reading »