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Tag Results for "La Paz"

Casey Anthony To Move to Mexico After Probation

Anthony has plans to elope in Mexico and make a new life in a large Ranch with 5 miles of beach, owned by her new California millionaire lover. continue reading »

International Acclaim for Bolivia’s Decision to Prosecute Killing of Government Protesters in 2003

The United Nations human rights chief welcomed the decision by Bolivia‚Äôs top court to convict several high-level officials for their part in the deaths of over 60 people during anti-government protests in 2003, calling it an important step in the fight against impunity. continue reading »

Father Locks Up Son in a Wooden Box for 2 Months in Bolivia!  (VIDEO)

The Canadian youth and his father belong to a Mennonite community in the Tres Cruces region of Bolivia. continue reading »

Landslides and Floods Threaten Bolivia Residents ( VIDEO)

A major landslide within the Andean city of La Paz was the latest in a series of crises brought about by heavy rain in the nation of Bolivia. continue reading »

Is the Next ‘WikiLeaks’ Website Going to Come out of Latin America? (VIDEO)

Vice president of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera has made available through his website every cable leaked by Wiki Leaks that pertains to the Andean nation. continue reading »