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Tag Results for "Kalimba"

From ‘Kalimba’ to ‘The Singer’ - Performer Changes Name for New Group

More than a year after the singer known simply as Kalimba was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in a hotel after one of his concerts, it seems the Mexican-born performer is looking for a fresh start and he's starting with a new name. continue reading »

Naughty Kalimba Bought Himself a Playboy - Does the Cover Look Familiar?

Kalimba purchased himself a copy of the Playboy Magazine featuring Daiana, the girl who says she was sexually abused by the singer. continue reading »

Kalimba Accused of Raping Ex Girlfriend and her 5 Year-old Girl

The Musician denies the accusations brought forth by Kimberly de la Campa, his former fiancĂ©e. continue reading »

More Kalimba News: Cartel Death Threats, Presidential Appeal, a Novela and Maybe a Movie

The Kalimba saga continues. Sources in México are reporting that two different instances of horrific threats to Kalimba's life have surfaced in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS Kalimba is Freed! (VIDEO)

After spending 6 days in the Chetumal jail in Quintana Roo, Mexico, Popular Singer Kalimba has been freed. continue reading »

Kalimba Claims His Innocence, Has 6 Days to Present Evidence He didn’t Rape Minor

As Mexican pop star, Kalimba faced a judge for the first time on his rape charges; his fans were holding a vigil outside of the Quintaa Roo prison he is being held in. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Mexican Musician Kalimba ARRESTED in El Paso (VIDEO)

U.S. and Mexican authorities say that Mexican singer Kalimba was arrested Thursday at El Paso International Airport. Officials said that Kalimba was taken into custody because he lacked the proper documents to travel in the U.S. continue reading »

Attorney General Issues Arrest Warrant for Singer Kalimba (GAME)

Mexico's DF Attorney General has issued a warrant for the arrest of Mexican musician Kalimba, and the promoter Gerard Michel Manel Aguilar. continue reading »

The Plot Thickens on the Kalimba Rape Case (VIDEO)

While Mexican authorities continue to investigate the alleged rape of two minors by musician Kalimba, one of the girls says it was consensual, while the other 16 year old says the artist drugged her, hit her and sexually attacked her on two occasions, before he went to the bathroom to vomit. continue reading »

Mexican Pop Singer Kalimba To Face Sexual Assault Allegations in Court

Mexican pop singer Kalimba will have to appear in court for the alleged rape of two underage girls at an after party on December 19. continue reading »