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Tag Results for "Julio Iglesias Jr"

Julio Iglesias, 68, Says He’ll Rest When He’s “on the Other Side”

Julio Iglesias, despite his 43 years in music, said that he is still motivated to go onstage, that he would not sing if it did not move him and that he will rest "in 30 years when I'm on the other side." continue reading »

Michael Jordan Engaged to Cuban-American Model Yvette Prieto

Considered by many to be the greatest basketball player that ever lived, Michael Jordan may be ending his days as the other kind of player now that he's reportedly engaged to Cuban-American beauty Yvette Prieto. continue reading »

Julio Iglesias Has a Crush on…. Lady Gaga?

Come visit our ┬┐Amigo ├│ Enemigo? section as we analyze and dissect what is said by and about Hispanics and Latinos. continue reading »