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Tag Results for "Jose Cuervo"

Top Spirits Brands With Roots in Latin America

Every year BrandDirectory.com ranks the world's most valuable brands, ranging from technology to banks to retailers this website evaluates and compare leading brands in a variety of industries. continue reading »

Jose Cuervo to Switch U.S. Distributor in July

U.S. firm Proximo Spirits will begin distributing Jose Cuervo brand tequilas in the United States, replacing Britain's Diageo, Mexico's Casa Cuervo S.A. said in a statement. continue reading »

Vote for Your Favorite Mural from Jose Cuervo’s “Tradicional Mural Project” on Facebook

Jose Cuervo Tradicional has officially opened the voting phase to select the most inspiring mural in the Tradicional Mural Project. The nationwide program, inspired by the influence of Latino heritage, showcases 10 original murals created by artists from across the United States, and invites consumers to vote through February 28th, 2013 on Facebook. continue reading »

Reserva de la Familia Showcases Mexican Artist Ricardo Pinto’s Work

Every year, Jose Cuervo and Tequila Reserva de la Familia offer famous Mexican artists the opportunity to create original artwork for its packaging. Each Reserva de la Familia box is made of wood and features the artwork of renowned Mexican artists. continue reading »

Jose Cuervo Gives Artists the Chance to Win $15,000 with Tradicional Mural Project

As part of Jose Cuervo’s long history of supporting the arts and Latin culture, Jose Cuervo Tradicional is launching the Tradicional Mural Project 2012. Through this platform, Jose Cuervo Tradicional hopes to create a dialogue through artistic endeavors that will inspire artists over the age of 21 to celebrate the Latin culture sharing their hopes and dreams for the Latin community through murals—an art form that, like Jose Cuervo Tradicional, is a truly authentic part of Mexico’s history and culture. continue reading »

Jose Cuervo Toasts Takeru Kobayashi: Who Needs an Official Contest to be a Legend?

If the six-time champion can eat more hot dogs than the crowned winner at the Coney Island event this Fourth of July, thus making him the "would be" champion for his seventh title, Jose Cuervo has offered him an all expenses paid trip to its historic Tequila distillery, La Rojena, located in the heart of Mexico's Tequila region. In addition, Cuervo will immortalize him with a customized bottle of Especial Gold that dons his image on the label. continue reading »