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Tag Results for "Jobs"

The Dilemma of Higher Education Facing Latinos

One of the questions Latinos face in our time is the pursuit of higher education. The only reason this is an issue is due to the high cost of obtaining a degree and the prospects of finding employment with it. The high unemployment and underemployment scale has many re-evaluating conventional wisdom. continue reading »

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Immigration, the Economy on MSNBC

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports from Chicago where he has launched a campaign to build support in the business community for immigration reform. Mayor Bloomberg told Andrea Mitchell that immigration reform is the key to both maintaining and growing jobs and innovation in the United States, saying that having a nationwide mentality against immigration is "national suicide." A portion of the transcript can be read here, the full video of the "Andrea Mitchell Reports" interview can be found below. continue reading »

Listen up Latinos: Summer Job Opportunities Available Online Using New Search Applications

Four weeks ago the US Office of Science and Technology Policy launched the first-ever White House Code Sprint, challenging app developers to build job search apps using the opportunities found in the Summer Jobs+ bank. The Summer Jobs+ initiative is a new call-to-action for businesses, non-profits, and government to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth in the summer of 2012. continue reading »