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Tag Results for "Jc Davies"

Racy JC- Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

For those of you who don’t know, Racy JC (Picante JC in Latin America) has been learning Spanish. I hope someday (someday soon) to move to a tropical Latin country where I can sit on the beach with a few cute Latin “friends,” sip margaritas, and dance salsa in the moonlight. Ahh. continue reading »

Racy JC- Why They Love Me in Latin America

Why they love me in Latin America. I don’t know if it was because I said that Latin lovers live up to their reputation (and then some), but the NY Post story was huge in Latin America. continue reading »

Racy JC Advice - Racism Is Over: Let’s All Move to Mississippi

A little over a week ago The New York Times wrote an article about the Census Bureau underestimating the total of biracials and the increases in interracial relationships in the deep South continue reading »

RACY JC Advice- Brother Likes it Picante

Dear Racy JC, I am a black man that has always been somewhat attracted to Latin women, but I think it's more so because of the provocative ways in which they dress. This is not the best way to really see a woman. continue reading »

Racy JC- Online Dating—the New Jim Crow

Throughout its history, our country has done a lot to separate people of different races— Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps, miscegenation laws... But the last 40 years have integrated schools and neighborhoods, allowing people of all colors and cultures to feel welcome. continue reading »

Racy JC: White Guy Seeking Latinas and Why “The Fever” Not Just for Chicks

I am reading your book now and it's really great--feels very honest and accurate, and it's funny too. But I am "reading into it" to try to understand things from the guy's perspective. I'm a white guy who wants to date Latinas continue reading »

Racy JC- Latinos, Commitment, and the Governator

Dear Racy JC, I've been seeing Ranulfo now for 3 months and I am ready to commit. He seems to be resisting the idea, even though I can tell he feels very strongly about me continue reading »

Racy JC’s Top 5 Challenges of Interracial Dating (and Their Solutions)

As the author of the definitive guide to intercultural dating you could say that interracial dating has been my life (and even more so in the last couple years). Researching my book I found that, although old-school racism towards interracial couples has gotten better, they still face a lot of challenges. Including, but certainly not limited to my Top 5 continue reading »