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Tag Results for "Jail"

Mom Accused of Tying Daughter to Bed is Held on $620k Bail

A single mother has made her appearance in court on Friday after being accused of tying her four-year-old daughter to a bed for twelve hours a day and leaving her a plastic bin in which to go to the bathroom. The woman is being held on $620,000 bail. continue reading »

Inmates Stand Down After Taking 8 Prison Guards Hostage in Guatemala

Inmates at a maximum-security prison outside this capital who took eight guards hostage ended their rebellion on Tuesday and freed the last of the captives, Guatemala's interior minister said. "The five guards were liberated after several hours of dialogue and without the use of force," Mauricio Lopez told reporters. continue reading »

Prison Fight in Puerto Rico Injures 10 Inmates

At least 10 inmates were injured in a fight Thursday at the Bayamon Regional Prison in the San Juan metropolitan area, Puerto Rican Department of Corrections spokeswoman Damarisse Martinez said. continue reading »

Former Top Cuban Officials Sentenced to Jail for Corruption

Three former deputy industry ministers were among 13 people sentenced to prison for "offenses associated with corruption," Cuban Communist Party daily Granma said Tuesday. continue reading »

Spaniard Charged with Negligent Homicide for Cuban Dissident’s Death

Cuban prosecutors are asking for seven years in prison for negligent homicide for the visiting Spaniard who was behind the wheel for the car crash that killed prominent dissident Oswaldo Paya and a colleague, sources closes to the case told Efe. continue reading »

Spaniard Responsible for Crash that Killed Dissident is Behind Bars in Cuba

The family of the visiting Spaniard who was behind the wheel for the car crash that killed prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya has hired a Havana-based attorney to represent him, Spanish diplomats told Efe here Wednesday. continue reading »

Brazilian Prison Riot leaves 2 Inmates Dead and 11 Wounded

At least two inmates died Saturday and 11 others were wounded, one of them seriously, in a clash between rival gangs at a jail in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife, police officials said. continue reading »

Venezuela Planning To Release 40% of Their Inmates

New Penitentiary Minister Iris Varela revealed to local newspaper “El Nacional” her plan to combat overcrowded jails. continue reading »

Botched Suitcase Houdini Act for Mexican Prisoner!

Juan Ramírez was caught as he tried to escape jail inside his conjugal visitor’s suitcase. continue reading »

Police Shut down Tavern Inside Mexican Prison With Plasma TV and Other Goodies

Inmates were served beer, vodka and tequila in a low-security prison in Chihuahua. continue reading »