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Tag Results for "Ipad"

Angry Birds Gets It’s Own (Illegal) Theme Park and It’s Not in Río (VIDEO)

Brazil, home of some of the angriest birds up in the Amazon has been beaten to the race for an "Angry Birds" Theme Park by none other than China. continue reading »

Angry Birds Rio the Game That Turned iPods , iPhones and iPads into Gaming Consoles

Not too long ago, iPods were just glorified walkmans, and the smallest gaming console was a plastic brick with a monochrome 2x2 screen, known as GameBoy. continue reading »

Mexico’s Contribution to the Tablet PC Market: ‘Meebox’

Mexico is getting into the ever-growing tablet PC market by introducing its own tablet PC. Meebox, a Guadalajara based company is producing the country’s first table PC for the not very inexpensive price of $899. continue reading »