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Tag Results for "International News"

Spain, Red Cross Rescue 41Migrants in Strait of Gibraltar

Spain's Maritime Rescue and Red Cross saved 41 immigrants Friday who were sailing on six inflatable toy rafts in the Strait of Gibraltar. continue reading »

Spain Gets Rid of International Treasure Hunters

A patrol of the Spanish navy expelled from the Alboran Sea a U.S.-owned, Panamanian-flagged vessel that was allegedly carrying out soundings to find sunken ships, authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Int’l Olympic Committee Disqualifies 4 Medal Winners For Doping

Four athletes who won medals at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens have been disqualified for doping, the International Olympic Committee said Wednesday. continue reading »

Cyberattack Steals $7.5 Million From Spanish Bank Accounts

More than 36 million euros ($47 million) were stolen earlier this year from some 30,000 bank accounts in Europe in a cyberattack dubbed "Eurograbber," according to a report published Wednesday by two companies that focus on Internet security. continue reading »

Iberia Airlines Employees Schedule Pre-Christmas Strikes

Unions representing employees of Spanish airline Iberia said Thursday they will go on strike for six days prior to the Christmas holidays. continue reading »

Fifth Woman Dies As A Result of Halloween Stampede in Spain

A 20-year-old woman injured in the human stampede at a giant Halloween party in the Spanish capital, died Thursday, medical sources told Efe. Maria Teresa Alonso, who died as a result of "severe brain damage," becomes the fifth fatality from the incident at the Madrid Arena. continue reading »

Overcrowding to Blame For Halloween Stampede

The crowd at the Madrid Arena was 58 percent larger than the facility's legal capacity during the Halloween party that ended in tragedy with the deaths of four young women who were crushed in a human stampede. continue reading »

Drug Fugitive Captured, Hash Ring Busted in Spain

Spanish police arrested a drug suspect who was on the lam after escaping from a prison in Sweden in 2003 and dismantled a hashish-trafficking organization he allegedly headed. continue reading »

Madrid Fires Officials Over Halloween Stampede Deaths

Mayor Ana Botella on Wednesday announced the firing of two top officials with the public municipal company that manages the Madrid Arena, where four girls were crushed to death in a human stampede during a Halloween party. continue reading »

Brazilian President Questions EU’s Austerity Plan

Confidence in a country's economy "is not built solely on the sacrifices" of its citizens, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Saturday, adding that austerity "has its limits." continue reading »

Spanish King Juan Carlos To Undergo Hip Surgery

Spain's King Juan Carlos said here Friday that next week he will undergo surgery on his left hip. The monarch made the announcement during a dinner he hosted for heads of state who traveled to Cadiz for the 22nd Ibero-American Summit. continue reading »

Report: Europeans Consuming Less Heroin, Cocaine

The European Union is observing signs of the stabilization and even a drop in cocaine and heroin consumption, but it warns about the proliferation of new synthetic drugs. This is the general panorama presented by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, or EMCDDA, in its annual report for 2012, which was released Thursday in Lisbon. continue reading »

Red Cross Rescues 47 Immigrants Crossing Strait of Gibraltar in Fragile Boats

A total of 47 immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa were saved on Saturday by a Spanish maritime rescue unit as they were crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in three fragile boats. continue reading »

Spain Tries to Stop Mortgage Foreclosures in Light of Recent Suicides

Spain's government said Friday, hours after a woman about to be evicted from her home in the northern town of Barakaldo committed suicide, that it is working urgently to bring a halt to mortgage foreclosures. continue reading »

Developing Countries to Reduce CO2 Emissions with Spanish Wind Farms

The Spanish government on Wednesday approved 26 international cooperation projects that would result in a projected annual reduction of 3.8 million tons in CO2 emissions with the aim of complying with the Kyoto protocol. continue reading »

Scientists Discover Humans Made Sophisticated Tools 71,000 Years Ago

Modern humans were making sophisticated stone tools at least 71,000 years ago, according to an article in the November issue of Nature based on excavations in South Africa. continue reading »

Constitutional Court Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Law in Spain

The Spanish Constitutional Court defended same-sex marriage in rejecting a challenge filed by the conservative Popular Party against the law authorizing such unions, which was enacted by a Socialist administration. continue reading »

Another Teen Dies After Halloween Stampede in Madrid

A 17-year-old girl, who was admitted to hospital in critical condition after being crushed at a giant Halloween party in the Spanish capital, died Saturday, authorities at the medical center said. continue reading »

Police Monitoring Security Footage of Deadly Halloween Stampede in Spain

Spanish police are investigating videos taken by security cameras in a corridor of the Madrid Arena, scene of a giant Halloween party where three people died and two others were badly hurt in a stampede. continue reading »

Crown Prince Calls On Businesses to Create Jobs in Spain

Crown Prince Felipe told businessmen and representatives of the Spanish government on Wednesday that fostering the creation of jobs is "urgent and vital" in Spain, where the unemployment level is "unacceptable." continue reading »