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Tag Results for "Infographics"

Latino Voters Favor Gun Restrictions

The grim statistics and on-going stories about children, men and women killed by guns in America have led many to conclude that enough is enough; something must to be done to curb the senseless loss of lives gun violence. That something needs to be done is without controversy as Americans across the ideological divide desire safer communities continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Growth of the Latino Electorate in Key States

Latino voters made a remarkable difference in the 2012 elections, and given the Latino population's rapid growth, its political influence will likely be greater in the 2014 and 2016 elections. continue reading »

Financial Health - What’s in Your Credit Report?  (INFOGRAPHIC)

Thinking of buying a house? Or just trying to rent a car? Are you worried about your credit score because you’ve made some late credit card payments? You are not alone! But find out what actually goes into your credit report! continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Pollution in Latin America

Globally, outdoor urban air pollution kills 2 million people annually and indoor air pollution causes 2 million premature deaths. In Latin America, 100 million people in are exposed to levels of air pollution that exceed the recommended standards. With these rates it is important to look at the health and environmental issues connected to pollution. HS-News takes a look at which countries are culprits and which are taking strides towards environmental protection. continue reading »