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Tag Results for "Inequality"

Colombian Police Arrest 71 After “Day of Dignity” Protests

Colombian "indignados" took to the streets of the nation's biggest cities during their "Day of Dignity" protest against the country's social inequality, during which 71 people were arrested in the capital for disturbing the peace. continue reading »

Hundreds of Thousands of Colombians Protest Inequality Across Country

Colombian counterparts of Spain's "indignados" took to the streets of the Andean nation's major cities on Friday to protest inequality. The "Day of Dignity" events in Bogota included students participating in an apprenticeship program and judicial employees, who walked off the job Thursday to demand the government comply with a 20-year-old mandate to standardize their pay. continue reading »

Brazil Taking Small Steps Towards Greater Equality

Brazil's traditionally high level of inequality fell slightly between 2009 and last year thanks to an 8.3 percent increase in workers' average income and a nearly 20 percent drop in the unemployment rate, according to a government study released Friday. continue reading »

Where Does Latin América Stand in Terms of Income Inequality?

Take a look at which Latin American nations have the largest gap between the richest rich, and the poorest poor. continue reading »