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Tag Results for "Indigenous Peoples"

Brazil’s Awá Tribe Blockades Railway in Protest

A protest involving Earth’s most threatened tribe, the Awá, has forced the world’s largest iron ore mine to suspend operations along its main railway line. continue reading »

Amazon Indians Win Case Against Illegal Mining, Logging in Peru

A small community of Indians from the Peruvian Amazon has won a court case with potentially far-reaching implications for indigenous land rights in the country. continue reading »

Indian Leader Murdered While Waiting for Bus in Colombia

The mayor of an Indian reserve in the conflicted southwestern Colombian province of Cauca was gunned down while waiting for a bus to take him to a meeting with his community, government officials said. continue reading »

Activists Use Rio 2016 Exhibition to Highlight Troubles of Brazil’s Awá Tribe

Tribal rights campaigners targeted a London exhibition celebrating Brazil’s cultural heritage ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, to highlight the plight of "Earth’s most threatened tribe." continue reading »

Venezuelan Indians Demand Thorough Investigation Despite Government Denying Massacre

The Venezuelan government labeled as false a report that 80 Yanomami Indians were massacred in an area on the Brazilian border, while indigenous organizations said that officials assigned to investigate never made it to the site of the alleged bloodbath. continue reading »

Venezuela Investigates Alleged Massacre of Yanomami Indians

The Venezuelan government sent a team of prosecutors, investigative police and military personnel to determine the facts about an alleged massacre of 80 Yanomami Indians in July that was reported by non-governmental organizations and an opposition lawmaker. continue reading »