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Tag Results for "Indigenous Groups"

Indigenous Zoque-Ayapaneco Language Will Live on in Film When last 2 Speakers Die ( VIDEO)

A Mexican documentary will continue to preserve aspects of the indigenous Zoque-Ayapaneco language, whose universe of ideas, beliefs and culture are on the point of vanishing when the last two native speakers, both in their 70s, pass away. continue reading »

Brazils Guarani Indians to Take Demands to Inter-American Court

Brazil’s Guarani Indians have announced that they will take their government to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, over its failure to protect their land. The Guarani said in a statement that they would present the case ‘in light of the delay in mapping out our lands, the violence to which our leaders and communities are exposed continue reading »

Paraguay to Hand Over Indigenous Land

The Paraguayan government has this week signed an agreement with Enxet Indians to hand back 1,000 hectares of their ancestral land. The decision comes after a long legal battle between the indigenous people continue reading »

Man Sentenced to Jail for Racism Against Brazilian Indians

A man has been sentenced to jail in Brazil for racism against indigenous people, having described them as ‘vagrants’ and ‘tramps’ in a newspaper article. The article says of indigenous people, including the Guarani Indians, ‘They take possession of the land like true vandals’. continue reading »

Painkillers and Pens Used to Placate Peru’s Indians as Gas Giants Move In

Isolated Indians in southeast Peru are being ‘bribed’ with painkillers and pens, as industry giants seek to open up their land to explore for gas. Survival has learned that even members of INDEPA – the government agency set up to protect Peru’s tribes – have put pressure on communities so research can be carried out in the reserve where they live. continue reading »

Persecution of Paraguay Indians Exposed to UN (VIDEO)

UN officials have been warned of the imminent threat against the lives of Paraguay’s last remaining uncontacted tribe ahead of their meeting today that will assess the country’s racial discrimination record. continue reading »

Indigenous Conservation Strategy Stops Amazon Deforestation

This indigenous-run program has achieved zero deforestation within the one million acres of biodiversity-rich lands that are under Cofan control. By joining the newly launched “Campaign for 5000,” each $10/month supporter will save 2,000 acres of Ecuadorian rainforest, offset their carbon emissions, and help preserve the Cofan indigenous culture. continue reading »