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Tag Results for "Immigration"

57 Percent Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants, Says Survey

Fifty-seven percent of registered U.S. voters support the idea of allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship, according to a survey released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. continue reading »

Chicago Judge Rules Suit Against Immigration Detailers May Proceed

A federal judge in Chicago ruled Tuesday that a lawsuit filed by the Heartland Alliance's National Immigrant Justice Center against the government's use of immigration detainers may proceed. continue reading »

United We DREAM Unveils Immigration Reform Platform

Following the success of the DREAMer conference in Kansas City this weekend—the biggest gathering of DREAMers to date—United We DREAM unveiled their new platform for change this morning, their statement of principles describing the type of immigration reform they have vowed to pursue next year. continue reading »

Immigrants May Hold the Key to Urban Renewal in Baltimore

In an attempt to reverse decades of population decline, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has launched a high-profile effort to attract “new Americans” to the city. continue reading »

Justice Dept. Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against North Carolina Firm

The Justice Department announced that it reached an agreement with Gamewell Mechanical Inc., a subsidiary of Woodfin Heating, Inc. based in Salisbury, N.C., resolving claims that the company violated the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), when it terminated three employees based on the incorrect assumption that they were undocumented foreign nationals when they were in fact U.S. citizens. The company is in the mechanical construction business and fabricates and installs heating and cooling systems. continue reading »

Immigration and the Lame Duck Congress

What a difference an election makes. Take, for instance, immigration. Wasn’t it a mere handful of weeks ago that Republicans were staunchly stalwart in their opposition to any and all immigration reform? Now there’s talk of a GOP led immigration bill to be considered by the lame duck Congress. continue reading »

House Passes Lamar Smith’s STEM Jobs Act 245-139

In the first vote on an immigration bill since this month’s election, the Republican-controlled House rehashed an old policy and passed a version of a bill that already failed earlier this year, 245-139. Twenty-seven Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the legislation. continue reading »

Steve King: Democrats Will Win Over Hispanics By Giving Them ‘A Great Big Check’

Since President Obama’s re-election and Mitt Romney’s poor performance among Hispanic voters, a number of prominent conservative lawmakers and commentators have come out in favor of immigration reform. But Rep. Steve King (R-IA) appears to have not gotten the memo, if his first comments on immigration since the election are any indication. continue reading »

Study Confirms Faults With 287(g) Immigration Program

The Immigration Policy Center on Thursday published a study confirming faults with the 287(g) immigration program at a time when the government is subjecting it to review. continue reading »

Democratic Leaders Present 9 Principles For Immigration Reform

Democratic leaders of both houses of Congress on Wednesday presented the nine principles that should guide comprehensive immigration reform they say will contribute to the economic recovery. continue reading »

STEM Bill Still Plagued by Politics

In 2010, the lame duck session of Congress was dominated by debate over the DREAM Act, which passed the House of Representatives before succumbing to a conservative-led filibuster in the Senate. continue reading »

Deported Mexican Regains Custody of U.S.-born Children

A county magistrate in North Carolina ordered Tuesday that a Mexican man deported two years ago receive custody of his three U.S.-born children. continue reading »

GOP Senator: If Immigrants Want A Path To Citizenship, They Can Just Marry Americans

Lawmakers from both parties have expressed new interest in comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, after Latino voters overwhelmingly supported President Obama in the presidential election. continue reading »

Border Patrol Arrests Human Smuggler, 14 Undocumented Immigrants

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Indio, Calif. station stopped a tractor trailer with 14 people inside and arrested one suspected alien smuggler at the Highway 86 checkpoint located between Westmorland and Salton City, Calif. continue reading »

Foreign Students Add Billions of Dollars to the U.S. Economy Each Year

Most people don’t think of foreign students as an economic resource, yet that is precisely what they are. Each year, students from other countries spend billions of dollars in the U.S. economy, pumping money not only into the colleges and universities they attend, but the surrounding businesses as well. continue reading »

A Look at Immigrant Detention Facilities: Abuses and Proposed Reform

Last week, Detention Watch Network (DWN) launched its “Expose and Close” campaign, an initiative designed to reveal the egregious human rights violations taking place in immigrant detention facilities throughout the United States and to advocate for reform. continue reading »

Massachusetts Will Offer In-State Tuition To DREAMers With Work Permits

The state of Massachusetts will soon allow undocumented immigrants protected under the President’s deferred action program to pay in-state tuition at public universities. continue reading »

Senator Marco Rubio Pushes for Legal Immigration

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio on Thursday pushed for legal immigration to this country, called for prudence in the possible regularization of the status of millions of undocumented foreigners already living here and urged a permanent solution for people brought here illegally as children. continue reading »

The Distance Between Us: A Memoir

IACHR Commends Cuba’s Immigration Reform

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) welcomes the reforms to Cuba's Immigration Law that eliminate some restrictions for Cuban nationals seeking permission to travel outside the country. continue reading »