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Tag Results for "Immigration Us"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Trial Sees Repeated Denial of Responsibility

Most days, Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio acts like a caricature of a Western law man: the cowboy, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” the man who brought back chain gangs, parades prisoners around in pink underwear, and clearly believes he’s above the rule of law. continue reading »

BREAKING: Mitt Romney Promises to Veto DREAM Act If Elected (VIDEO)

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe reports that during a campaign stop in Le Mars, Iowa yesterday, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney promised to veto continue reading »

Cecilia Muñoz , White House Top Latino Faces Protest for Secure Communities Support

Members of Arizona's Hispanic community demonstrated Friday against a senior White House official for defending the controversial Secure Communities program in a television documentary. continue reading »

LULAC reacts as AZ SB1070 Author Becomes First Senate President in Nation to Loose Recall

Pearce becomes the first senate president of any state to lose a recall election and must step down immediately once the election results become official. continue reading »

Labor Sec Hilda Solis on Exhibit B in Case for Immigration Reform

For the latest proving ground in the debate over whether to fix our country’s broken immigration system, America should turn its attention to Brownsville today. In a border city that once housed a military outpost during the Mexican-American War, the potential of immigrants to contribute to the American economy will be on proud display. continue reading »

The President to Discuss Sensible Immigration Policies in El Paso

President Barack Obama alights in El Paso, Texas, today to present his vision of an immigration system that meets the economic and security needs of our nation in the 21st century. The president’s speech will undoubtedly continue reading »

Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Changing Birthright Citizenship

57% of Americans oppose changing the 14th amendment that grants US citizenship to anyone born on American Soil, whereas 39% favor changing the amendment. continue reading »

“Creating Panic Where Only Vigilance is Warranted Helps Nobody” AZ Border Mayors to Sheriff

As mayors of border communities from Arizona, we would appreciate it if you would not cultivate a culture of fear in our state and to start being accurate about border securitys. continue reading »

Guatemala President Urges Mexico’s Aide For Those Headed to US

The President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom is suggesting that Mexico issue temporary immigration permits to Central Americans crossing Mexico to reach the US. This is an effort to provide safer passage to the immigrants who often fall prey to organized crime. continue reading »

Chico Campaign Digs out Immigration Reform (or Lack Thereof) to Ding Emanuel

I have been wondering how long it would take before immigration reform (actually, the failure of anything to take place on that issue) would become an issue in the municipal elections continue reading »

New Research Examines Link Between Poverty and Latin Americans’ Unauthorized Immigration to the US

Despite unprecedented levels of U.S. government spending on guarding the border with Mexico, unauthorized or illegal immigration into the United States continues. Here, there are millions of jobs that legal workers do not fill -- even in times of recession. Poverty and hardship are the main drivers pushing Latin Americans to search for better lives in the United States. continue reading »

The White House Blog: Immigration & Winning the Future

In his State of the Union address, President Obama laid out his vision for winning our future. Part of accomplishing this important goal means fixing our nation’s broken immigration system. continue reading »

South Carolina Legislators Advance Arizona Style Immigration Bill Regardless of Concerns

Although some of the legislators on the South Carolina Senate judiciary subcommittee had concerns about the legality of some of the provisions, they still continue reading »

Rep Luis Gutierrez Criticizes Effort to Repeal Birthright Citizenship (VIDEO)

Rep Luis Guiterrez: Right now, children of illegal immigrants are granted citizenship by the 14th Amendment, which says: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof continue reading »

Steve King (Iowa) Introduces House Bill to End Birthright Citizenship in U.S.

Republican Representative Steve King introduced a bill on Wednesday to end birthright citizenship. So far, King's bill has three co-sponsors listed: Reps. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), Gary Miller (R-Calif.) and Rob Woodall (R-Ga.). continue reading »

Condemnation for State Efforts to Violate the 14th Amendment

Anti-immigrant legislators seek to create permanent underclass of easily exploitable workers with no civil rights or occupational protections in perpetuity. continue reading »

Nebraska State Senator Criticized for Using Term “Anchor Babies”

Hispanic Republican Group Somos is critisizing Nebraska State Senator Charlie Janssen, for his use of the term “Anchor Babies.” The grassroots organization is demanding an apology for the use of the derogatory term, which continue reading »

State Legislators Prepare Immigration Bills for Upcoming Session

Legislators in several states are preparing legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigration Several states plan to coordinate their efforts and seek to repeal automatic citizenship rights that are granted to all children born in this country, continue reading »

Wisconsin Rep to Introduce Arizona-like Immigration Legislation

A Republican legislator says he plans to introduce a Wisconsin version of Arizona's controversial SB-1070 immigration law. State Rep. Don Pridemore said he will introduce his bill in 2011, when a new Republican majority takes over, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. "I want Wisconsin to be recognized as a state that will be on the side of Arizona," he said. continue reading »

Texas Immigration Bill Mirrors Arizona Bill- SB 1070

“Representative Riddle’s filing of these bills will only add to the current Texas budget deficit,” said LULAC National President Margaret Moran. “Texas has long been a state where common sense prevails over grandstanding and legislative extremes of any sort have almost been defeated. The Texas taxpayers expect better. Copycatting other legislation only illustrates a lack of vision on her part.” continue reading »