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Tag Results for "Immigration Reform"

Driver’s Licenses in Washington Have New Requirements

In an attempt to reduce the number of fraudulently received driver’s licenses, the state of Washington will tightening requirements. On Monday, the state’s Department of Licensing will require valid proof of Washington residency continue reading »

Domincan Man Gets 14 Months For Falsely Applying for US Passport

A man from the Dominican Republic who lived in New Britain, Conn., was sentenced on Thursday to 14 months in prison for making a false application for a U.S. passport. This sentence was announced by David B. Fein continue reading »

Disappearing Act For the Border’s Invisible Fence

A so-called invisible fence along the U.S.-Mexico border that was intended to keep a high-tech eye on the area is about to be unfunded by the U.S. government. continue reading »

Where Immigration Reform Stands After 2010 Elections

With Tuesday’s election swinging control of the House over to the Republican Party, comprehensive immigration reform is in danger. When the new Congress convenes in January new committee chairpersons continue reading »

13 States Ask Supreme Court to Uphold 2007 Arizona Law

A number of states have come together to urge the Supreme Court to uphold a 2007 Arizona law it will hear next month, that penalizes employers for hiring undocumented workers. continue reading »

Latino Republicans at the Tea Party

These Latino Republicans rode into office not by falling through the rabbit hole, but either as a Tea Party candidate (Rubio), supported by the Tea Party (Martínez) or ran on Tea Party values (Sandoval). When the "Queen of Hearts" issues for many Latinos: the Dream Act and immigration reform with amnesty comes before these tea partiers what will they do? we'll be watching. continue reading »

Tough Stances On Immigration Didn’t Help Everyone’s Campaign

While riding the “anti-immigration wave” worked out for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, it didn’t do the same for campaigns across the board. In Nevada, Harry Reid beat out Sharron Angle (R). In Colorado, Tom Tancredo lost to John Hickenlooper, and Jerry Brown took California over Meg Whitman. continue reading »

Immigrant Smugglers and Immigrants Sentenced After Failed Venture

Kelsey James McQueen, 24, of the Bahamas; Juan Carlos Paredes-Rodriguez, 44, of the Dominican Republic; Oneil Black, 32, Andrew Fitzgerald Saint Aubyn Brissett, 45, Sheldon Lewis, 35, and Carolyn Denise Waddles, 36, all of Jamaica, were sentenced to prison in connection with a failed migrant smuggling venture in West Palm Beach in April. continue reading »

SB 1070 Saves Brewer’s Gov. Campaign, But Can Brewer Save Arizona?

Tuesday, Jan Brewer was able to ride Arizona’s controversial immigration law all the way to victory, but Arizona has a lot of problems she needs to address immediately. The Governor defeated Democratic Opponent Terry Goddard by a significant margin, and Libertarian and Green Party candidates Barry Hess and Larry Gist trailed far behind in the Tuesday election continue reading »

Vying for Obama’s Old Seat- Kirk and Giannoulias Differ on Immigration Reform

While both US Senate Candidates agree that there should be tougher border security, they do not agree on what to do with immigrants who are already in the country illegally. continue reading »

Immigration Reform in Other States Since Arizona’s SB 1070

A report released by ImmigrationWorks USA is predicting that 25 states may try to pass anti-illegal-immigration laws similar to Arizona’s controversial legislation next year. continue reading »

Vying for Obama’s Old Seat- Kirk and Giannoulias Differ on Immigration Reform

While both US Senate Candidates agree that there should be tougher border security, they do not agree on what to do with immigrants who are already in the country illegally. continue reading »

Obama: Immigration Could Hinge on Nov. 2 Elections

Monday, the president expressed his desire to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but that Republicans are currently blocking his attempts, and says major Republican victories on Election Day could further disrupt passing reform. continue reading »

New Florida Law Said to Racially Profile

Tallahassee, Florida’s version of the Arizona SB 1070 immigration bill, drafted by Florida State Representative William Snyder, may just clench the title of “Most Racist New Law”. The most odd and seemingly racist part of Snyder’s law is where it says th continue reading »

Can an Anti-Immigrant Stance be the Winning Formula for Hispanic Candidates?

Three Hispanic Republican candidates are running for office in different parts of the country with strong anti-immigration stances and many are wondering how strong the Latino vote will be continue reading »

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Staying in Washington, Not Running for Mayor of Chicago

Rep. Luis Gutierrez the Democrat from Illinois announced today he has decided not to run for Mayor of Chicago. Soon after Mayor Richard Daley announced he would not seek another term, Gutierrez starting looking into the viability of launching a campaign. continue reading »

San Antonio Latinos, Advocates March For Immigration Reform

Today, at 5p.m Latinos groups from all over Texas are joining in to march for immigration reform. The civil rights activists want an executive order from the president to halt the deportation of unauthorized immigrant w continue reading »

Oregon Children March in Protest of Arizona-type Law

Saturday, 268 people gathered for a Children's March & Rally for Immigration Reform at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. The children, their parents and supporters rallied to call on state and continue reading »

New Jersey Cry “Dignity, Not Detention”

Wednesday, outside the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, around 30 people gathered chanted, “Dignity, not detention!” to protest conditions for immigrant detainees as well as the detentions themselves continue reading »

Give Credit to Paid, Diligent Latino Gardeners

The underappreciated group has faced many trials but continues to make our world more beautiful. Countering the stereotypical portrayals of paid gardeners in Hollywood, television and the mainstream media, where these individuals represent so-called “ignorant workers” with little to contribute, over the years I’ve found these individuals to be highly intelligent, productive members of society. continue reading »