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Tag Results for "Immigration Reform"

Indiana Gov in Tough Spot on Pending Immigration Bill- a No-Win Issue

No wonder Governor Mitch Daniels hasn’t said if he will sign Senate Bill 590 or not. Support Senate Bill 590, which would require state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws, and Daniels will be going against business and university leaders who oppose the bill. continue reading »

NH House Committee Gives Unanimous “NO” to Anti-Immigrant Bill

Before the NH House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety even heard from all of the immigrants’ rights activists, law enforcement lobbyists, and business leaders who were waiting to testify against an anti-immigrant bill, committee members voted unanimously to recommend the proposal be killed. continue reading »

Virginia Senate Kills 10 Immigration Bills

A Senate subcommittee rejected 10 illegal immigration–related bills late Wednesday to the cheers of the many Hispanic Virginians who filled the hearing room. continue reading »

Guatemala President Urges Mexico’s Aide For Those Headed to US

The President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom is suggesting that Mexico issue temporary immigration permits to Central Americans crossing Mexico to reach the US. This is an effort to provide safer passage to the immigrants who often fall prey to organized crime. continue reading »

Kansas Rep. Connie O’Brien Asked to Apologize For “Olive Complextion” Comment

Democrats are asking Rep. Connie O’Brien to apologize for comments she made at a hearing where she mentioned seeing an “olive complexion” girl who “we could tell” was not in the country legally. continue reading »

Chico Campaign Digs out Immigration Reform (or Lack Thereof) to Ding Emanuel

I have been wondering how long it would take before immigration reform (actually, the failure of anything to take place on that issue) would become an issue in the municipal elections continue reading »

American Citizen Detained Twice on Immigration Challenges Sheriff’s Powers

An American citizen who has been held twice as an illegal immigrant in Davidson County Tennessee has filed a lawsuit to challenge the Sheriffs right to do so. continue reading »

DREAMActers Sending Speaker Boehner Some Valentines Day Love

Supporters of the Dream Act through the organization DreamActivist.org want to keep the issue of the DREAM Act alive and center anywhere it can. So it thought of a unique concept to reach out to the Republican Speaker of the House continue reading »

Latino Group Calls for Justice for 9-Year-old Girl

Nine-year-old Brisenia Flores was murdered in her home in Arivaca, Arizona in May 2009. She pleaded, “Please don’t shoot me,” right before she was shot — point blank, in the face — by a member of the Minutemen American Defense Corps (MAD) continue reading »

Michelle Obama Urges Latinos to Put Pressure on Republicans to Support Immigration Reform

In an interview with Univision, First Lady Michelle Obama said that President Obama wanted to pass immigration legislation but could not due to a lack of Republican support. Mrs. Obama calls on Latino’s to put pressure on Republicans to support immigration reform. continue reading »

Latino Voters Anxious About the Economy

An opinion poll among Latino voters in the United States revealed a high level of economic anxiety in the community, a disconnect in the economic decisions made by the Obama administration and the highest level of concern ever seen about the current immigration policy. The poll, the first one in a series to be conducted jointly by impreMedia and Latino Decisions (LD) over the next twelve months, explores the situation of the Latino group most integrated into American society: voters, whether born here or naturalized citizens. Araceli Ceja is one of those citizens, currently unemployed, who fears for her family’s future. "The truth is I voted for Obama and I still have faith that he can change things," said Ceja during an interview at the local unemployment office, where she was waiting for some paperwork. "But I have been unemployed for a year, filled out more than 100 job applications and have not gotten anywhere. No one is hiring." Ceja may reflect a reality that, although serious for the entire country, has hit Latinos and African-Americans the hardest. Despite a recent decrease in the overall and Latino unemployment rates, Latinos still have higher unemployment than the majority: 12.6% versus 8.7% for the white population. Middle-class Latinos and those who are more integrated into society are also feeling the insecurity of the recession, even though it appears that an economic recovery has started. The problem is that the recovery has not reached all parts of society. This is why the results of a Latino voter poll are even more important than a poll of the Latino population as a whole, according to Matt Barreto, a political science professor at the University of Washington and pollster for LD. Here we see that the economy is having a very significant effect on the Latino community, and we are referring to a group of Latinos that is more integrated into the country’s economic and political life, usually a more stable group than the newly arrived," said Barreto. "This is a number I did not expect to be so high." continue reading »

Colorado Ski Industry Worried About Effects of Arizona-Style Immigrant Law

As Colorado’s legislature considers passing laws similar to Arizona’s SB 1070, the state’s ski industry worries that such measures would result in a loss of business, particularly from potential Mexican and Brazilian guests. continue reading »

THE Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights Condems HB 87 That Criminalizes Immigrants

Racial Profiling Law in Georgia would damage economy and decrease safety. The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), a grassroots organization that advocates for the human rights of Immigrants, opposes the implementation of “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” HB 87. continue reading »

Senators Trying to Find Some Common Immigration Reform Language

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have begun conversations between their two camps as well as civic and religious organizations to see if the will is alive to tackle immigration reform this year. continue reading »

PROGRESS 2050- New Ideas for a Diverse America (VIDEO)

Progress 2050 is a project of the Center for American Progress that develops new ideas for an increasingly diverse America. The United States will become a nation with no clear racial or ethnic majority by the year 2050. This expected transition provides the progressive movement with an exciting opportunity to help America live up to its ideals of equality and justice for all. continue reading »

New Report Underscores Folly & Costs of Mass-Deportation Approach to Immigration

Pew Hispanic Center Report Reveals Limits of Enforcement-Only Agenda: Costs to Taxpayers Will Surge as Undocumented Will Burrow Further Underground continue reading »

Bill to be Considered to Register 110,000 Undocumented Persons Living in Utah

Utah Senator Luz Robles (D) has gained the support of a conservative Republican in the House who called her Immigration Reform Bill “a fair approach to the issue.” continue reading »

First Latina Gov Issues Exec Order to Check immigration Status and Calls to Repeal 2003 DL Law

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) is directing police to check the immigration status of people arrested for crimes. continue reading »

Memo to the GOP:  Courting Latino Voters Requires a Real Conversion on Immigration Reform

This week, the Republican-backed Hispanic Leadership Network is hosting a conference in South Florida to “provide a unique opportunity for center-right leaders to speak with—and more importantly listen to—the Hispanic community,” according to conference co-chair Jeb Bush. continue reading »

Within 24 Hours Authorities Rescue 31 Cuban Aliens, Intercept Suspicious Vessel and Seize Cocaine

With support of a CBP helicopter, a U. S. Coast Guard Boat Station San Juan 45-foot response boat and the Coast Guard Cutter Matinicus approached the suspect vessel as the passengers onboard the yola proceeded to throw their cargo overboard. continue reading »